Tuesday, 29 November 2016

5 mins past Midnight

Saw you in my dreams
End of the bizarre night
You were still everything I hoped and knew
All except this heart was soul-less

No feelings all around
Long silence waiting on dawn to break
Warm blankets countering the icy cold feet
How far do you chase the things that don't want to be change?
Maybe tomorrow will be better

Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Face


Monday, 31 October 2016


Love with no conditions
Live with no regrets
Laugh without any reasons...

We are all mad here!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Positive Vibes Only!

When will I see you again?
Something inside of me
tells me constantly to protect this fragile heart.
So I won't ask....

You had a soul and you were good to me.
I deserved the goodness and you put yourself out there for me
You made me realize so many things
And you touched the compassionate heart within...

I know I will feel something inside me every time I look at you
Winter is here and the stars shine brightly outside
Reminiscing of the sound of the waves hitting the shore
Is my wooden heart ready to be burnt?

With nothing left to say, he bid farewell
I asked myself:
Where's the good in goodbye?
And in a distance, the stars faded and lights extinguished...


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Balloons up in the air

Foreshadow of what was coming
I felt it a day earlier
The hours of silence and the soulful contemplation

The art of letting go
I really suck at it...
So much for practicing Impermanence and non attachment!

This honest heart
touched upon again after years of lost feelings
I was foolish to believe
But I spoke from my heart

was it all a dream that I am waiting to be woken up from?
What happened to all the plans we made?
We promised to live one day at a time
But you took that promise away
And I was left alone with words on black and white

Sometimes you don't realize the weight of something you have been carrying
Until you feel the weight of it's release...

Monday, 24 October 2016

Real and True

"I don't want to dance alone in the rain..." she said
"As long as our wild hearts are on fire,  I'll dance along with you..." he said

There was nothing that could stop them
For he was burning like fire and she was cold as ice
The polarized connection
The positive vibes
Everything about it felt so right in the moment
He felt her every inch and curve
Body on body
And she loved the touch of his soft hands
Hands that knew every page in this book
It electrified her continuously
Feelings upon feelings

When dawn broke to the beat of Tez Cadey
6am and it was getting brighter
I peeped to see such a beautiful view
Out of the window that shared my night alone...

They loved each other beyond the Moon and the Galaxies
For one night wasn't enough to dream
And one day they would go their separate ways
But she knew in her heart that a part of her would always love him no matter...

Friday, 21 October 2016

Power of NOW

We sailed into a time
Stopped by the stars above our heads
Time travels and changes our path
Honest actions and true happiness
Serendipity as such...

Im here travelling time together with you
Every single day of our lives
All we can do is be our best
To live and relish this remarkable ride...

I will  love you as long as there are stars hanging over our heads,
I will never forget how you made me feel
For I found love
And this love led me to me through you...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Big city Downpour

Moments passed like the heavy downpour of the city rain
Emotions continue to run deep
I stood there in silence not knowing what tomorrow may bring
For I knew time was my only nemesis...

Restless and continued pondering
Everything else seemed to be racing against me
Words choking up my existence
Feelings upon feelings

Am I bound by this fate?
Is there an escape from this facade?
How many times before I actually break?
As hard as I try to stay dettached
It slowly kills me from inside...

Heavy hearted I search for meaningless answers
Far beyond my reach
Enough words exchanged
No stones left unturned
Purpose questioned!

My body is a vessel
My heart is the carrier
The direction I set to sail
Unpredictable emotions
Heavy thunder storms
The ship is forever stuck in its path
unable to reach the destination...

Friday, 14 October 2016

Dancing skies

I feel alright...

The skies lit up like diamonds over our heads
The heat intensifying below
Burning like fire
Do we keep moving to avoid the burn?

No changes only the same song on repeat

Synchronised movements
The feel of the soft white sheets
These strange ways attract me
In depth even I cant explain...

Its a puzzle I alone can solve

With open hearts and empty sheets
Something lit up my world
Like from a leftover matchstick
Forgotten and lost inside a corner of this heart

I dont know how we got here!

If only skies danced in harmony
If only the pouring rain would stop
Flickering of those neon lights
Everything we felt without falling in love

In the end impermanence conquers all

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Mellow wonderings~

How often do we do things for people and are left un appreciated?
but do we do things to feel appreciated?

I try to remind myself to:
Accept and learn to let go
Things happen for a reason most of the time
Do not be attached to things and mostly people
Because feelings eventually change
and people always tend to leave.

We often wonder:
"What are we to do with all the words we left unspoken?..."
"Where do they go?..."
"Will they even know how we feel?..."

Well I prefer Silence above everything else

In times of solitude,
the silence is so loud
But I can hear the sea and the breeze
All in a distance calling out to me
This seclusion feels rewarding
Even though no one will understand
Only through darkness will the light shine through...

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

It takes Two

One of the hardest thing to do in the world is....
to convince the mind the doings of our hearts 
and trying to explain to one another why the other exists!!
--R.M Drake

Truth be told I couldn't agree more with the above quote...

The wind blew an extraordinary breeze through me all week
It spoke out boldly like the vibrant colors of untouched emotions
Strangest feelings throughout my body
Every touch sent shivers through every possible nerve
But it was warm, cuddly and most of all I felt safe..

I've always believed that people never change
But these weary eyes tell no lies...

A heavy look of sudden emotions that lay empty within
A love lost-
An old friendship rekindled
Musically inclined in every angle
An aspiring artist with a unique perspective
Fighting for a cause
To make a difference in people's lives.

Stolen moments, will it ever be enough?
unable to be true to myself in a strange new city

Words need not be spoken
As your eyes told me everything
The war in the mind never wants to be won
The disputes between the "What If'" and the "If I had's "
Captured beyond naivety over and over again...

Living in the moment that caught my heart unexpectedly
That smile, that eyes mesmerized my vision
The softness of the entire motion riding forth like waves
The chaos of the unstill mind lay calm
As the night moved to dawn

Naked and exposed I lay with all my flaws visible
It was quiet for a change at the hour
Smoke buds, empty beer bottles and the taste of morning
An antique door stuck to the wall with nowhere to go
enclosed in one's comfort zone of creativity
Did time stop all these opportunities?

A subtle hint to life perhaps
But the twinkle in your eyes never faded...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


It's funny this thing called love..

I thought I was in love with this young man once only to have my heart shattered into a million pieces. But I knew that wasn't the end of the world as I saw the light at the end of the tunnel burning brighter as I got closer...

In a world where everything was black and grey,
A freshly picked red rose was placed on the cold wet stone pavement under the bridge...

Was it placed there for me to 'find' it?
Should I pick it up because it's beautiful?
Pondering thoughts of such uncertainity scared me...

In a big world where problems were tiny
I was there standing alone but not lonely
23 years old frightened by my own choices
Sitting, waiting and wishing...

Without holding back I picked up the rose and walked away from this darkness inside my heart towards the light at the end of the tubnel knowing it was going to be okay

Familiar digits now forgotten
Faces and memories I barely can recollect
Everything about the past seems to remain uncollected and defeated

Then comes along moments you don't have control over
It takes over when you least expect it
And that becomes the thought that occupies erasing away all the unfiltered mental blocks

Soon these will be faded memories of love once lost
Hearts once broken and faces once seen
Strangers yet again unleashed into the "populated" crowd of new beginnings leaving it up to chance and fate to rediscover

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It will Rain -II

Sleepless warm nights on a cold winter day
No such music playing in the background
The walls have no ears to whisper
And soon I feel like I'll lose it all
Running again this time far from myself
I'm the lost soul swimming in a fish bowl
Not knowing how I even got here or how it might even end
Just living the moment now with no such regrets...

Surreal feelings of tiny tingles never before
A thirst for this gentle hunger
I'm the prisoner of my own soul
And the keeper of these emotions
Mistakes upon mistakes made
Life. timing. being in certain places
We make our own choices and create our own paths
So I went ahead of myself and lost slight track of reality
A familiar space with no boundaries

Often I feel the need to slow down and disappear
Then I realize that everything awaits me here
Colors reflecting from the crescent moon
Silhouette of warm bodies in the dark shadows
Nothing else but the warmth mattered
And somehow the rain knew me better than I thought
Got me cuddled deep in my bed listening to the drops falling in silence
Until I fell asleep...