Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Love without Borders~

Why does this somehow feel like a melancholic ending to an unfinished story?

Everytime we exchanged glances you had my heart skip a beat... 
I was so happy in this moment knowing I was yours...
I knew you for you but there was something inside telling me that this moment wasn't going to be ours forever...

I wanted to cry, 
I cried,
All of my feelings inside twisted but somehow I was silenced with no words to share out loud
The thoughts and words all choked up...

I convinced myself that I would try to be happy
That I would try to live in the moment keeping myself busy with life 
But it seems that no matter even if I try or don't try
It hurts each and everytime abit more...

I loved genuinely from the depth of my heart and whether the love was reciprocated equally
I was always confused..

I threw in some hints of what I knew to be true and I was shown the same as well
I wanted to believe everything in front of my eyes
But was I so blinded by selfishness?

I loved too much to even let anything matter...