Saturday, 19 January 2013

Candle Mind

An emptiness, a void, a heaviness, a sigh...
What keeps us apart is only distance.
A distance that only I seem to feel..
Why does everything seem to far away?
When there's no turning back!

They said we'd slowly fade away
That we both didn't deserve each other
I'm sorry I proved them right!!!
Should have never listened
and followed my heart instead...

I am the one to make you feel this way
But i'm slowly picking up the pieces
And maybe i'll even build you a lego house one day
You promised to shelter me
You promised to love me till the end
But I guess nothing lasts...

There's no one beside me
I'm left broken and helpless
No such guide in this darkness
But a dirty road across the hill...

Just remember darling
All the while
Til I come home
The ocean sparkles
Silver diamonds over the blue
And i'll be yours to keep
Forever and always...

Friday, 18 January 2013

My Star

You were my star
You were the brightest one in the sky
Until one day it fell
and No longer did I see a spark in the sky
and no longer did I look up in the sky either
My star was no more
and the clouds seemed the darkest it ever was
I still hung unto hope and believed
that one day it may light my sky up again
maybe not today
maybe not tomorrow
maybe not even forever
But I pray that:
Maybe in another lifetime...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

You Say

You Confuse me...

You say:
You love me
You say:
You need more time
You say:
You need to find yourself
You say:
You want to be single
You say:
You thought I could never be this mean to you
You say:
You dont know anything anymore
You say:
You forgive me!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Out of it

Often times in life you are offered with two choices:
one that shows you to the right way
and another one towards the left...
The decision is all in your hands,
No one else can make that decision for you!

They say falling into love is hard
and falling out of love is easy
But I say if one was never in love
It's always easier said than done...

The road ahead promises to be brighter
But what is left behind is gold
I could love no another
Like I have loved you...

Days go on and on
and nights pass like a thunder storm
Clarity of the mind is numb
Some more drink perhaps?
Followed by loud wailing...

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Search

The story of the bard who kept searching for his star to appear in the night sky reached the high and lows of this tiny village...
some said he was foolish to keep chasing the star while his closest friends saw  how much he longed for the star the appear...     
to the Ends of the earth he travelled... far north and extreme south following a glimmer of hope he held on to!! he trusted his instincts and followed his heart next towards the   west where he saw nothing before     finally turning towards the oriental east...           
with patience he waited for the spark to light up the sky and it eventually did with time! Just as the sun rose every morning from the east so did his love for this star began to grow!!
a new found love he discovered...somehow this time it was different and he knew it deep down as well. The star and him seemed to have a strong binding force which was beyond imaginable for any matter...
Step by step he thought he will wait for the star to take her form onto earth...that was exactly how he was going to plan his next move closer.
she came to him vaguely in his dream all in a blurr but he knew it was her as he'd seen her many a times before the curse took her far away into the galaxy!!  
One day at a time he patiently waited sleeping under the thick dark starry blanket.. night after night he stayed staring at the brightness of the star wishing she would come down so he could call her his own.. But she stood up there unreachable by him longing to be with him as well. Hope was slowly running out and he grew out of patience. when all hell almost broke loose within him a light blue spark  guided him into a forest.
trusting his instincts one last time he followed the light...                        
as he got deeper and deeper he saw the brightest light glowing. Getting closer to the light he saw her face in the most calm posture. Alas! the star had fallen and he gently embraced her like it was the first time he had ever seen her...   Sparks flew and the curse was finally broken, she finally found a man who waited to love her!
He picked her up and gently kissed her soft lips.  Now all he was waiting for was her eyes to open and see that she'd been set free...She was no longer hollow and her homeless heart was filled.