Thursday, 11 May 2017

Heavy Heart

Often my self control is taken over by my soft hearted-ness
My will power overshadowed by a stronger will
That leads me to take unexpected detours
This kind heart knows sympathy

I don't listen to my brain most of the time
Nor do I follow my heart
I am spontaneous
And I am still learning and I let doubt fade these decisions and cloud my judgement...

But I repent on the errs I make
And I learn to forgive myself :
Forgive myself time and again
Because at the end of the day this is what makes it okay!

I cry silently and I apologize and even ask to be erased from his life
But his compassionate heart forgives me instantly
Even though harsh words are exchanged
And he must probably be scarred for a long time now
With trust issues upon my issues...

We have our first argument due to this foolish stubborn heart
I should have just listened in the first place
My honesty got me in trouble
And all he was being was an extra caring soul
I cast a dark cloud of doubt over his instincts
Whether he liked to believe me or not...

We had promised unconditional love in the beginning
Whether I fall apart or falter in such circumstances
We were going to keep holding on because
He chose me and I chose him

Obstacles along the way
And there will be envy, jealousy, malice and hatred
But in the end "Love will conquer all..."

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Every Time a bit more

Dragon flies fluttering around in chaos
As the rain drops started to pour heavy
The tiny white flowers fell like a blanket of snow
Covering the cemented pavement
Illuminating this path even clearer...

I know this isn't my Happy Ending
I know this isn't my Cinderella Story
I know this isn't my Safe Haven either
But I know that this can be my Happiness
A feeling newly created
At least while living in the now I know!

Can people change?
Whether it's for themselves or for the people they love?
We stopped being ourselves more than a year ago
There was no signs of growth

Somethings you just can't fake
like the feelings we get
While we watch our days turn into weeks and months
and soon it's been a year already
Then even goodbyes doesn't seem so sad after all...

There will be a place for everything
and that includes finding the right kinda feelings too
Not everyone will be there to support
but nothing seems surprise me anymore...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Hero

Its been a while for me without a muse to write
On a high scraper reflecting all of my fears and anxieties

I took a leap of faith and jumped on a new platform
I wore my heart on my sleeve and there you recognized me

As confident as confidence came
A star flew right across the sky and I couldn't ignore the signs

A hero in a regular suit with such dark prominent mesmerizing eyes
Came with a purpose to touch my heart and light up the dark skies

Days go by so quickly and things happen too fast 
We don't have the strength within us to hold on 

These moments even if we could be the only ones to know
we cannot choose the path for us right now

You taught me:
Life is how we make of the moments presented to us
We either treasure them or let it pass before our eyes

Most of us spend our whole lives searching and reasoning

instead of living in the now and making memories

We may never know what tomorrow brings
Whether we will live another day to tell tales of yesterday

So we live through today choosing the right kind of people
Trusting the choices we make without being afraid 

The Hero came at a certain time and lives within me now
Pulled me away from the chaos of the heart and calmed the rough ocean shores...

Saturday, 18 March 2017

No Good in Goodbye

The smell of you lingers on even after you've gone
I close my eyes tight and try to recall the last moments together
How my heart was happy and calm for a change!

Nothing lasts forever
Not even you
Not even me
But somehow I will remember you...

The warm affections of those kisses
The extra squeeze in those hugs
My kind of safe Haven it was

An interference so pure in intentions
the color and shape of the eyes
There was only happiness reflecting
Sometimes you have to see what I see in you...

Six moments it took for all the anticipation
It simply wasn't enough
A risk higher than the number
Into the night a masquerade we danced upon...

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Thief of the night

We will all leave this world in ashes one day or another
So before we go
Let us make memories to carry forward

Who knows what tomorrow may bring
Whether we will continue to be here or not
So embrace all that we have and LIVE

Life is a series of events
With our emotions always on various frequencies
The feeling of high unlike any other feeling
And low hits hard like a point of no return
So choose to seek BALANCE

I've seen bright sunshine here and now
But haven't witnessed the darkest of days yet
I will not anticipate any coming
For there is no glory in knowing
But accepting what is yet to be..

Monday, 30 January 2017

Unbreakable Bonds~

I still get amazed at how things unfold
The people we are suppose to meet
and how they come at certain points in our life
Even the people we distantly grow apart
The timing of their departure
comes at another terminal marked "Arrival"

Somehow it all makes sense now...

People usually come into my life
To bring and add a positive change
Where I learn from them and they help me grow
If I let them
And equally I help them somehow in return

An unbreakable bond is created
So no matter when or where I might be
I know that these people will always remain in my life...

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Encounter with an old cow herder~

Places take you to people and each person you meet has their own unique story... 

This is my journey, my story:

I stumbled upon this old man who goes through the RBA Football ground everyday with his red jacket and his cows. I noticed how every afternoon around 2:00 pm he goes from his house towards the forested area and returns around 4:00 pm. So one day I stopped him and asked him a few questions. He told me he and his wife look after cows for this man and they get to sell the milk and cheese from it to earn their livelihood. When asked if he had any children he told me he has one daughter who did a diploma course at the local Engineering College and is currently unemployed. He told me he had 2 sons from his previous marriage but both passed away. He spoke to me in Sharchop and in broken Dzongkha to which i gleefully asked more questions using the few sharchop phrases i knew and took pictures with him. After a short conversation we bid farewell in hopes to meet again the next day but I had forgotten to ask him his name....Perhaps tomorrow I will ask his name!

RBA, Dewathang, January 2017