Saturday, 27 September 2014


Beauty is undefined
Pristine and untouched
Truth holds the naked eye to the test
My roots to explore...

Distance in elevation
Seasons change sooner
Stars lighting up the sky
For tomorrow is a new day...

Breathtakingly in awe
Taking in every last air
The nomadic steppe lifestyle
Was more than just an experience

It found me and I found it
Realization,  guilt and gratitude
Rising above everything I held back
I could stand here gazing forever...

The dry yellow grass
Covered in sparkling rouge light
The sun rose and eventually the light faded
Every end called for a new beginning...

Mongolia: A trip out of the blue,
Gave me more insights
To life, People and behaviour
Than all the motivating books on my shelf...

I took this road less travelled
And it has made all the difference...

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Your words were my weakness
Straight and honest from the heart
Infinite letters did we write
You showed me through words the power of love.

Your voice was my weakness
Smooth and melted my heart
My best friend and lover You showed me it was possible to fall out of love.

Your lies were my weakness
Staged and blunt to my face
24 months of hidden agenda
You showed me through your lies the importance of honesty.

You are my weakness
My knight in shinning armour
I chose you: "Too good to be true"
You continue to show me what love is every single day...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


This anger...
Heartbeat racing
Shortness of breath
I'm numb

Was it too soon?
Was it the way it's meant to be?
Surely I wasn't far sighted enough
To be thinking about it now

It's a crazy buoyancy called love
With an irrational equation
Of failures and successes
That lead this road to nowhere

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


We trapped our way through bliss
Unable to escape
All those feelings
Atleast I got some answers

Do you ever dream like this?
A reality show within a show
Truth denied by the dominating ego
I wonder how you managed to  escape

Afraid of what I might see next
I decided to wake up in consciousness 
Time of the hour was nine
Except the door was slightly open

Windows with no exits
One beating heart against the next
I could hear behind the doors
The Ignorance and denial
Of this affair which  happened only in my dreams...

Monday, 1 September 2014

49th Police Raising Day

First day of September and I went to attend the 49th Police Raising Day. Got recognition along with a few of my friends from Desuung for our contribution towards community service when His Excellency Modi, the Prime Minister arrived in the capital a few months ago.

It was a short and sweet celebration graced by the Chief of Police Kipchu Namgyel himself.