Thursday, 27 September 2012

sounds and Music

"Shhh...You whisper so loud"
Haha... I think I am drunk!!!

"It will Rain" by Bruno Mars played in the background as she sipped some Special C with water this time. Her thirst was quenched and her throat was smooth for another round!!! She just needed the perfect company for tonight but she was stood up again. He had picked going out over her again to which she drowned her sorrows in dismay...

to be contd...

Hopeless Romantic

For Nothing is like that feeling
when everything seems so rightWhen someone can set your heart afire
and you find yourself
dreaming for days
The heart clouds the vision
so perfection is all you want to see
With every breath you try and dream
of just how perfect  it all could be
You get this amazing feeling
Coming and leaving in a quick rush
As helpless as you might feel
Attraction by looks seldom last 
Where as day by day and year by year
You continue to search and hold on
to find the true meaning
of what it is and what it is to become...