Thursday, 11 May 2017

Heavy Heart

Often my self control is taken over by my soft hearted-ness
My will power overshadowed by a stronger will
That leads me to take unexpected detours
This kind heart knows sympathy

I don't listen to my brain most of the time
Nor do I follow my heart
I am spontaneous
And I am still learning and I let doubt fade these decisions and cloud my judgement...

But I repent on the errs I make
And I learn to forgive myself :
Forgive myself time and again
Because at the end of the day this is what makes it okay!

I cry silently and I apologize and even ask to be erased from his life
But his compassionate heart forgives me instantly
Even though harsh words are exchanged
And he must probably be scarred for a long time now
With trust issues upon my issues...

We have our first argument due to this foolish stubborn heart
I should have just listened in the first place
My honesty got me in trouble
And all he was being was an extra caring soul
I cast a dark cloud of doubt over his instincts
Whether he liked to believe me or not...

We had promised unconditional love in the beginning
Whether I fall apart or falter in such circumstances
We were going to keep holding on because
He chose me and I chose him

Obstacles along the way
And there will be envy, jealousy, malice and hatred
But in the end "Love will conquer all..."