Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Mellow wonderings~

How often do we do things for people and are left un appreciated?
but do we do things to feel appreciated?

I try to remind myself to:
Accept and learn to let go
Things happen for a reason most of the time
Do not be attached to things and mostly people
Because feelings eventually change
and people always tend to leave.

We often wonder:
"What are we to do with all the words we left unspoken?..."
"Where do they go?..."
"Will they even know how we feel?..."

Well I prefer Silence above everything else

In times of solitude,
the silence is so loud
But I can hear the sea and the breeze
All in a distance calling out to me
This seclusion feels rewarding
Even though no one will understand
Only through darkness will the light shine through...

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