Monday, 24 October 2016

Real and True

"I don't want to dance alone in the rain..." she said
"As long as our wild hearts are on fire,  I'll dance along with you..." he said

There was nothing that could stop them
For he was burning like fire and she was cold as ice
The polarized connection
The positive vibes
Everything about it felt so right in the moment
He felt her every inch and curve
Body on body
And she loved the touch of his soft hands
Hands that knew every page in this book
It electrified her continuously
Feelings upon feelings

When dawn broke to the beat of Tez Cadey
6am and it was getting brighter
I peeped to see such a beautiful view
Out of the window that shared my night alone...

They loved each other beyond the Moon and the Galaxies
For one night wasn't enough to dream
And one day they would go their separate ways
But she knew in her heart that a part of her would always love him no matter...

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