Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Work Space

There are millions of reasons why the heart wants what it wants
and often one shouldn't be thinking out loud
Life has never been this good to me
With infinite possibilities of experiences
But with it comes disappointments.

Is this what they call happiness?
For it is rather an unusual gift
That opens like a Pandoras box
I've come to accept it as it is
And live life knowing "come what may"

Endless possibilities 
Fluttering in the clear blue sky
Staring at the same object every single day
I take a deep breath and ponder 
Tugging at this anchor keeping me grounded!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Crowded Spaces

It's true now when I've heard people say
"Home is where the heart is..."
I've definitely embraced this
And learnt to appreciate what I have.
Blessed to be born in a country:
Where Population doesn't exceed land space
Where purity of air comes naturally
Where no conflict occurs over race or religion.
Having lived almost 13 years
The most crucial years of my life in India
I've missed out on family and friends, traditions and nd festivities
But I've gained much.
Closed spaces with tight pathways. 
Navigation was at its worst
Tis the season of green and red
For even Santa was busy taking selfies.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Are you teaching me patience?
A virtue I'm yet to fully achieve
Like an artist on a canvas
Painting beautifully in black and white.
The waiting game is never over
Anywhere, Everywhere
Constantly i'm holding on
This independence I was taught.
Fragile hands
Weary eyes
Unfriendly faces
Is anyone hospitable?
Culture rich with history
Landscapes stretching out into all directions
India is and will always be India
For I must now search within me and explore. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sky Line

The blue horizon
Spread over the blanket of clouds
Mountain ridges of white snow
and all I can think about was you!
Fading ranges below
Words overwhelmed in blue
The faint heart needn't travel
As nothing seems constant.
Thoughts running faster than speed
Slow turns slowing it down
A full belly with no vitamins
But I still thought of you!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Sky Fall

How often have you felt that you're climbing right to the top only to fall back down to the bottom?

How often have you reached towards your goal only to be crushed at the very end?

How often have you felt that extreme high only to last a few seconds?

How often have you listened to one song on repeat only to not know the lyrics?

How often have you know a place so well only to find out it was De-Ja Vu?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sparks Fly

On a cold wintry December night
exploring the red city lights,
I saw fire within you
and the sparks immediately flew.

A long winding road ahead
'Thinking out loud' with Ed Sheeran
This was not a temptation
But rather, I chose to be here.

So when you're gone tomorrow
Memories will I hold on to,
So kiss me gently
Under this thick blanketed sky.

With no second thoughts I gave it a try
You took the first step and I followed
Cold hands or cold ears it didn't matter
I was with you and you were with me!

Sitting between the stone block
Admiring the starless night
Minutes had turned into hours,
And then in that moment we were one.

Soft touch and tingling sensation
I looked at you and you at me
Gentle and honest were your eyes
And I never wanted to leave...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bokeh Senses

I wish I didn't have to remember
A new memory each time to stand upon
Walking down this dreamy lane
Vivid images but emotions were honest

What If I never remembered?
Could it all be a blatant lie?
Perhaps a twisted dream slipping away
When all I want to do is wake up

Amnesia of it all
But I seemed to be fighting against it
This object I seem to be reaching out to
tingled my senses as I could feel the object so close

I told myself this was a dream
And that I shouldn't be feeling
For reality pinches hard
making you forget about these stupid things

For memories can never escape
No matter how far you seem to fall
This was only a dream
Another one to add to the list.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Anniversary!

There was a man who swept me off my feet the moment I met him. It was definitely love at first sight, I fell straight for his personality, charm, charisma and the gentleman he was. The aura I felt when I was with him was unbelievable which made me doubt initially if this was too good to be true. But these doubts dissolved as that was just who he was and I was definitely lucky to have met him that one cold winter day...

When I met you, I knew immediately that you were the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and today I'm living that. Love often makes people do dumb and stupid things. It makes people vulnerable, make bad decisions and end up falling for the wrong person. You lose control of yourself and your clear thinking and I was afraid of all that at first. But when you came into my life, you made every step easier each time. I became a better person. You made it so much easier for me to let go of all that still haunted me.

Thank you for teaching me that there are good things that exists in this world and you've shown me that these good things can happen not only to everybody but to me as well. You've opened my heart again to feel the 'good' love and broadened my mind to see the good in others. I've learnt from you that it is okay to let go and do the things that I love if it makes me happy. I've learnt to be patient and appreciate you more for all that you do for me and everyone else. I've learnt to accept that your job requires you to work around the clock at odd days and hours of the week. Moreover, I still haven't learnt quite yet to sleep without you beside me when you're off  for several days on duty (Haha it's true).

Because of you I believe in love more than ever and sometimes when things unfold unexpectedly I'm optimistic that it is just for the moment because I know that loving you and being loved by you conquers all these minor obstacles. I'm happy that I've let my guard down with you and you are worth everything to me.

You are my 'Person' who changed me for the better.
You are my 'Person' who is my beacon of salvation.
You are my 'Person' who taught me to believe when all was running empty.

Thank You for saving me before I lost hope in Love.
Thank You for being the man I needed in my life.
Love you to the moon and back~

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Beauty is undefined
Pristine and untouched
Truth holds the naked eye to the test
My roots to explore...

Distance in elevation
Seasons change sooner
Stars lighting up the sky
For tomorrow is a new day...

Breathtakingly in awe
Taking in every last air
The nomadic steppe lifestyle
Was more than just an experience

It found me and I found it
Realization,  guilt and gratitude
Rising above everything I held back
I could stand here gazing forever...

The dry yellow grass
Covered in sparkling rouge light
The sun rose and eventually the light faded
Every end called for a new beginning...

Mongolia: A trip out of the blue,
Gave me more insights
To life, People and behaviour
Than all the motivating books on my shelf...

I took this road less travelled
And it has made all the difference...

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Your words were my weakness
Straight and honest from the heart
Infinite letters did we write
You showed me through words the power of love.

Your voice was my weakness
Smooth and melted my heart
My best friend and lover You showed me it was possible to fall out of love.

Your lies were my weakness
Staged and blunt to my face
24 months of hidden agenda
You showed me through your lies the importance of honesty.

You are my weakness
My knight in shinning armour
I chose you: "Too good to be true"
You continue to show me what love is every single day...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


This anger...
Heartbeat racing
Shortness of breath
I'm numb

Was it too soon?
Was it the way it's meant to be?
Surely I wasn't far sighted enough
To be thinking about it now

It's a crazy buoyancy called love
With an irrational equation
Of failures and successes
That lead this road to nowhere

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


We trapped our way through bliss
Unable to escape
All those feelings
Atleast I got some answers

Do you ever dream like this?
A reality show within a show
Truth denied by the dominating ego
I wonder how you managed to  escape

Afraid of what I might see next
I decided to wake up in consciousness 
Time of the hour was nine
Except the door was slightly open

Windows with no exits
One beating heart against the next
I could hear behind the doors
The Ignorance and denial
Of this affair which  happened only in my dreams...

Monday, 1 September 2014

49th Police Raising Day

First day of September and I went to attend the 49th Police Raising Day. Got recognition along with a few of my friends from Desuung for our contribution towards community service when His Excellency Modi, the Prime Minister arrived in the capital a few months ago.

It was a short and sweet celebration graced by the Chief of Police Kipchu Namgyel himself.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Why do you only appear in my dreams?
Drifting gently like balloons in the sky
fading away slowly with each blink
I wonder if they ever reach a destination

Maybe like wildflowers
they're meant to grow in different places
where people never imagined
leaving space for more

But then it's just a dream I had yesterday
and yesterday needs to be forgotten
like the waves washing ashore
no hope but only false promises~

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weekend Psychic

Toss and turn
Weary eyes had rest none
Reality and big dreams plan on
Oh how I wish ....

Midnight the clock struck
Yawning all to myself
Restless thoughts kick in
This feeling I detest.

It surely doesn't get better
Days go on and on
Always waiting in anticipation
For this thin cloud lining of hope

Pain and food
Two things I can tolerate intensely
But each time it's different
The humanity and compassion I posses  runeth over in my cup! 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bhutan Women’s First Basketball Team: A Trip to the Philippines

On 19th of July, 10 of us boarded flight PH173 to Manila as the first ever Women’s Basketball Team from Bhutan. Our team consisted of 10 players: Sangay Choden (22), Zimbiri (23), Yeshey Om (21), Sonam Choden Tshering (22), Sonam Yangzom Yonten (24), Tshering Pem (23), Sonam Pelden (19), Tshering Lhaden (22), Ongzin Lhamo Dorji (27) and Namzay Kumutha (26). Our coaches Sonam Tashi, Taylor Belmont, Allison Drennan and Kirk Sheplay also joined us on this trip.

During our 2 weeks stay there in Manila we played a total of 12 games. Our first international game was played on the 21st of July against Rizal Technological University where we lost by 3 baskets with a score of 56-62 at the end of the 4th quarter. That evening we had another game scheduled with St. Paul’s University where it ended in a close win for us by half a basket with a score of 64-65 points. As excited as we were about this first win we had to brace our excitement for the many games that we were yet to play in the next few days. Our third game was played against Don Bosco Technological College which was rather an interesting game as we ended up in a draw of 66-66 points with no overtime.

Playing these few games we realized that we had to not only play smarter but toughen up physically as well since the teams in Manila were a lot more aggressive compared to here in Bhutan. In our fourth game we lost to San Beda College Alabang with the final score of 57-67 points, this defeat made us realize that we needed to play as a team and strengthen our defence as they were continuously cutting along the baseline. So the next day on 24th July, we played against Rizal Technological University again and this time instead of another loss we surprised them with  our good defence, executed our offensive plays, and most importantly talking on defence which gave us a win by 54-50 points.

Our main challenge for the entire trip was getting use to the humidity there especially while playing even though almost all the basketball courts were located indoors with huge fans (we were literally sweating buckets). In our sixth game we was played against Adamson University, the University league champions and we lost by 17 points with a final score of 46-63 points. 

However, that weekend we saw more than just basketball courts. We travelled 4hrs south of Manila to the neighbouring city of Batangas and played a local team called Lady Pirates in their local sports coliseum for an exciting game opener before the NCAA Division-I game and won with 64-69 points. We spent the weekend there in Batangas conducting a coaching camp for children who were 16 years and below and the turnout was more than 100 boys and few girls. We led them into a group stretch and the children were divided accordingly based to their age. They practiced right and left hand layups, defence positions, form shooting, baseline jumpers and ball handling skills.

We had a 7am game the next day upon our return to Manila against a University court on 6th floor which ended up in a miserable loss as we were thrashed in the first 2 quarters. The following day we were invited by the Philippines Women’s University to their pep rally for an exhibition game against their team and we won that game. In the evening we played against ChangKai Sheg Univeristy in Chinatown and it was yet another victory for us even though it was a low score of 34-39 points. With only 2 more games left, we moved to a close by city of Cavite where we were hosted by Josh Manthey from Kids International. We went to Tent City and took part in their regular feeding program.     
We also held another coaching clinic and had only girls from a local foundation home. In the end we also had shooting competition where we gave away t-shirts as prizes.
Our second last game we played against Our Lady Faith University and lost to them by 46-51 points even though we had a great lead in the beginning, their swiftness beat us to a loss. And finally our last game in Manila was up against La Salle University and with a close score of 53-56 points. 

Since day one of practice in Bhutan until our first game in Manila, we saw vast improvement in our players, from the way they played on the court, to the way the strategic defence and the plays were executed. We not only played cohesively as a team but also managed to keep calm under pressure. Being the First women’s Basketball team to be trained in such a short duration by the American/Australian coaches and perform as well as we did, we are very proud of how far we have come. We now have many goals to achieve for the future of Women’s Basketball here in Bhutan. Not only with the development of the sport but by giving young women the equal opportunity to learn and play basketball alongside the men in our country.

One of my teammates Sangay Choden summarized her trip as: “It was a great experience and a good exposure which we wouldn't have got from here in Bhutan. We got to learn a lot of new things and played like a team. We met a lot of people and it was fun learning and teaching at the same time. It was the best thing and we should encourage the younger generations to play basketball. Go team Bhutan.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The other side to TashichhoDzong

I never knew The Dzong had a short cut all the way up till Zilukha road until I had to take it myself on Ped. Day. It was just 5 minutes walk up the hill unlike the 20 minutes all the way around the golf course, in front of the high court, along the dzong entrance... Hah!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Safety 106

Dear Blog,

I wake up every morning thinking and telling myself that today is going to be a good day and nothing is going to try and stop me but then somewhere along these lines as much as I try, I fail to start the day in the way as I hoped it would.
Firstly, in the morning driving to work always seems to be challenge for me because it not only tests my patience of the crazy drivers out there but also how I cope with while I am driving at the same time. In the last year, after I got my license and started to drive, I’ve come across various types of drivers:
1.       Those who drive without giving any signals
2.       Those who stop immediately without any prior warning
3.       Those who pull over on the main road last minute
4.       Those who talk on the mobile and drive with one hand
5.       Those who go at 20kmph
6.       Those who open the door to spit out doma
7.       Those who stop to drop passengers blocking the road
8.       Those who turn in the middle of the road
9.       Those who drive through no entry zone
10.   Those who are washing their office car in the middle of the road

I could go on and on with my list of annoying drivers I meet every day on my way to work. I’ve almost had an accident about 3 times , for instance first time I was on the roundabout and a car was coming from the right side, he did give any signal to go right so I carried on and all of a sudden he came straight turning towards my direction where I stopped immediately shouting from the window “where is your signal?” and he just took out his tongue out of embarrassment. The second time I was going home towards motithang, after crossed the double turning a woman was coming out of her house gate and came straight on the main road instead of waiting for me to pass first and then entering the main road. The third time, it was at night when I was coming up Changangkha road where a mini van threw me off to the rough road as he was coming at a high speed that too downhill and  taking up 80 percent of the road. Luckily, on all these instances my reflexes were pretty quick to swerve off the road to a safer side.

Not to sound bias or critical but I’ve noticed that most of the time Taxi drivers are labelled as very reckless drivers. I’ve not only seen but experiences as well, they not only endanger their own lives but others at the same time. Oh! I wish RSTA or the Traffic Police would do something about these growing number of scary drivers in Bhutan...

Monday, 19 May 2014

Thin Red Line

The burning red line from behind the clouds
Brightened up the entire blue sky
It was already evening as they drove in silence
With a familiar song playing melodiously in the back
She tapped her feet to the rhythm

“How strange” she thought!
She felt alone sitting right beside him
No conversation, every word misunderstood
The silence meant nothing
But it brought a bigger hole in the heart

Hours later
Sudden laughter hid the remorse
Words were slowly exchanged

And this was all over
As night slowly crept in...

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Beautiful Dream

Finding nothingness in this search
I quench for the last sip
are things meant to be this way?
To what I clenched tight
Blurry and merely illusions
As reality kick in
Clocks start ticking
For I am Wide awake

In times of hazy judgement 
One can see the light
But not the way...
Dreams are but forseen future..
For night and day are logical thoughts
Sleep comes when the minds hazy...

Hazy minds need no distraction
For they see a different kind of light
Logical thoughts too seem to fade
As daylight distinguishes from the night
Sleep is for the old man
who has lived many years to see
For I am only a budding flower
A flower when spring finally wakes

The seasons are strange
Life some offers yet death comes after,
Budding flowers bloom in plenty
Fragrance enchants the air
Yet hail of shower stones the elegant
Flowers by plenty and the air filled with rot...
Be weary of the seasons
They change like the clouds dark yet heavenly...

Banish Fear and Ignorance
For the tide has hit the shores tonight
Welcome the unwelcoming
Release the mental thoughts
As stars dim underneath these clouds
Even silence is slowly swallowed
One moment after another
Dark and Husky shadows of light
As the flames from the candle dies...

Fear is for the brave as ignorance for the wise
Both shapes a soul
the tides are ashore and many to come in haste
For the tides need no gesture of welcome 
Nor did it ever know silence like the calm stars
The flames may die but the ashes will remain 
Embedded in the sands of shore
and the tales of flame the tides shall carry
a hope of silence for these restless tides...

Such like the tales of sorrow briefly washed along the sea
No permanence will it ever know
As fishes do not live to see
No glory in death not glory in living
The colorful canvas paints itself red
In tales of woe yet to be told...

Such is the joyous tragedy of life
the birds sing to the funeral
the dogs bark to the shadows
the breeze blows through a fire
the truth no one knows
if the fishes could speak and the sun could rest
impermanence would just be another lie...

If lies could be told
the rays of heaven speak blasphemy
As sen seek the truth and life does forsee the hidden path
Fire only replays the role left to burn
"As ashes to ashes
Dust to dust"
The golden words remain to b spoken
As winds carry the last sound from the dying conch
Through it be a message of hope...

How far does thee seek?
The realm hidden beneath all beauty
For the fulfillment of the bread when eaten
To the staleness of the yeast untouched
Everything else whispers silence
When truth seems to break and heal
Ans the winds of change come in...

I seek no truth to life
I seek no fountain of happiness
For the lead dried and decay
the winds carry me and the ponds embrace me in circle
I seek not the way nor the path
I remain covered with dirt
For a day will come
When the path find me...

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Denying Truth

A strong wind swallowed us up in the air
swirling high, feet above the ground
I try to reach out to you but I was numb
All I could feel was the sudden climb...

As I opened my eyes
to a blurry silhouette
staring straight at me
A dark 2 am it was
I hid under the blanket

Lights switched on
Everything about me was shiver
Sweaty palms and feet
I was afraid to close my eyes

Vivid images from words
I look beside me for comfort
everything was still and unmoved
Tears swell, heart was pacing
I breathe for air

"It's all in the mind, there is no one, easy"
He said to me as if he knew it
I couldn't close my eyes
So waited for minutes to pass by
For dawn would break eventually
And then everything would be okay...

There is a truth to it:
"When we sleep we let lose our souls to wander"
We are incapable of this very control
over our minds and our body
lifeless we remain
to the truth beyond us...

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Universe and Me

This feeling...
The emptiness of a whole solitude
Heart falling in a matter of seconds
Suddenly trapped in a powerful wave
Moments disappear into this disease
Slowly eating every part of the body!

Simple things complicating life
The seed of love falters away
Truth buried deep within the sands
Life is beautiful for my own good.

The full moon and it's gravitational pull
I let it serenade me
weaving my thoughts together
unfinished and unraveled
It all collapsed helplessly.

Love is a wildfire
It burns so quickly
making darkness an unsung melody
refusing to applaud
The voice my tragedy
Ruining everything I love,

How do I  Love?...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

First Week of April 2014

Earlier in March I didn't bother much to even wake up in the morning to go for my daily jog/walk/run as it was super cold still. But with April, I thought the morning would have warmed up more but in vain the cold pierced through my ears the first day, froze my hands all the way up and back down but with the week passing by it got better. I started the day at 6:30 so the sun was kind enough to warm me up and with slight jogging and running my body got warmer. The past few days I have been going to Sangaygang and it is not so bad at all. The first lap up to the Takin is the hardest especially for beginners as it hits the calves and shin of the leg but after that the slope is rather gradual and easy. Till you reach up to you just enjoy the view and keep walking.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from this week i've captured while walking to Sangaygang from my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4).

View of Thimphu City from Sangaygang, Motithang
Bend with Snow capped Mountains of Phajoding

My first glimpse of the snowy mountains in April

Morning Dawn

Motithang and the Minister's Enclave

The Enchanting Forests

View from one of the pit stops during my morning jogs

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cold Cold Day

Oh Misty eyes of the Mountain~ Changlimithang 22/01/14

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shiver of Doubt

Yet again, one of those days...

Timeless and recurrent
She stood still
Without any answers to her question
One foot in and the other following close behind
She didn't seem to understand what was happening.

All he said was that she would get mad.

she didn't even know her
Nor was she ready to judge her yet
His actions had already made an impression of her in her head
Whether she liked it or not
She was already seen as marked

Is that fair in life?
Judging someone without knowing them??
I certainly don't think so
And yet the story never changes.

She gets mads knowing he is not truthful
Casting doubt upon what is not there
Make belief of what was lost
Kinda hard for anyone to believe...

She once had hope that things would start fresh between them
But he always thought of her as someone who never understands him

Where is the silver linning on this cloud today?
1 year ago exactly changed their lives
And alot has happened since then

She needs to control her temper
He needs to open up to her

Sometimes she wondered why life played games with her
When everything was falling into place.
Was it a test she had to pass?

Everything happens for a reason...
Except this time round it was not happening to people around her
but it was happening to her...

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Trip to Ubud - Bali

The whole ride from Nusa Dua To Ubud the driver spoke of what Bali had to offer. The Governor, Politics, recent Bombings, the geographical features such as the volcanoes, the flooding in Jakarta, etc. He did seem to know a lot but I guess that came with what he did for a living.

I was very surprised to find that gas (petrol) was very expensive here. For 20 liters the driver paid 13,00,000 Rupiah (divided by 20 = 65,000 divided by 12,000 which comes to 5.41 dollars per liter so that multiply by 20 =108.3 dollars for 20 liters), so that in Ngultrum comes to Nu. 6,825.00 (Yep! Pretty expensive if I got my Math right) 

The first stop we made was at a Batik workshop where we saw a few ladies showcasing to tourists like us their artistic skills and explaining how the process of batik, how they are printed, weaved and just like those Jim Thompson stores, they had a huge one inside.
Woman weaving Batik Cloth

Batik Cloth being woven

Batik Design in process

A Silver Pendant in the process of making
Still on the way to Ubuud, we stopped by a silver workshop since that area was famous and well known for gold and silver works. Apparently, most of the silver and gold are controlled by foreign investors but with Indonesian owners (clearly fronting and this is an inside scoup...haha)
A Woman at one of the Silvershop
Then we moved towards to a temple in ubud which lies below the presidential house which looked very green and modern architecture. They had bath places where people came to either purify, for their health and the last stone bath place was meant only for the Royals. Everything seemed rather different than normal to us but the stone carvings they had looked very similar to the wood carvings we have in Bhutan. Gede told us that here in Bali 90 percent of the religion is Hindu while the other islands of Indonesia are mostly inhabited with Muslim population and apparently they are constantly at war between the two religions.

Hindu Temple

Purification Ritual

Second Bath Pool

Visiting the Temple in the most Local style

Presidential House on top of the Hill

Prayer and Posing

Feeding the Hungry fishes

As we were driving up to see the volcano in Kitimani, we passed by many coffee plantations and orange orchards. It started to rain but it was very cool never the less in the car which was very comfortable and our driver Gede never failed to entertain us. I also learnt that Gede is a common name just like Karma or Sonam but here the name Gede belongsto the lowest farmer caste in the Hindu caste system.

We drove up to Kintamani village to See the volcano as luck had it on our side we saw the glimpse of the volcano mountain before it started to fog up. Apparently the village remains very foggy throughout the day day and seldom they see sunshine. As we were there it reminded me of the place in Kodai or even Ooty. 
One interesting thing to note is that as we entered the village we had to pay 25,000 for the both of us as tax to the village tax collectors and I appreciated this effort because the money goes back to the village and for their prosperity.  
Volcano Mountain


One funny thing I learnt is that one day "Silent Day" in a year people do not come out of the house,  stay indoors, not allowed lights,  no airplane movement, no movement. It is suppose to be a silent dead day. Purpose: not too sure but I think it is darn good idea by the government to promote family time together as I am sure one or two family members are always working to earn for their livelihood. This only happens in Bali. 

Driving back we stopped by a coffee plantation to taste and buy some luwak coffee which is the world's most expensive coffee. Expensive because they domesticate the civit * in a cage and feed them with coffee beans which they eat and poop it out. Before they poop it out, the coffee beans  are eaten and due to their digestive enzyme it takes away the biter taste and does something miraculous inside their stomach. When they poop they collect the beans in the morning and wash them with hot water before it is dried. Then the bean is peeled and roasted. That's how luwak coffee is made :)  the animal looks like a cat with long tail  and hangs upside down and crawls etc but not friendly. The fur is not so thick but they were all kept in single cells and there was about 12 of them. As the taxi driver told us the other day "Luwak in jail" and he just couldn't stop laughing.

Bali Pulina : Coffee Plantation

Coffee Arabica


Different coffee types
After this we had lunch at this cool resturant in Ubuud where Tshe Namgay had the most yummiest Pork Ribs and then drove back down to Nusa Dua to end the trip.

Price of the trip: 650,000 Rupiah...

Monday, 27 January 2014


After long hours in the plane finally arrived in the beautiful country of Singapore where we were greeted by a family friend of Tshering Namgyal's who was a police officer as well. They booked us rooms for the entire 4 night, 5 day stay there at  SIlosso Beach Resort and then at Hard Rock Cafe at Resorts World, Sentosa. It was my first trip here and I was already in love with the country as we drove from the airport to the hotel. Everything here was clean, organized and beautiful. I loved how there was still a lot of green within the country and how everything was so well planned. I don't think they had any pollution as at night I could see a few stars lighting up the sky.

Even though it was a small country and they said you can literally drive around from one end to another in 25 minuts, I didn't really think it was that small. No, I wasn't culture shocked! Haha...

The entire stay we were looked after really well by Uncle Leong and Aunty Jane who took us around the country showing us the pretty sights as well as the tourist places. Then we also met my friend Glenn who also took time from his Attorney General's work load to give us a taste to the many different foods around.

I was glad that at least I got an entire afternoon with my cousin brother who is studying there and also got a chance to meet up with my old classmate Rishan who works there for a drink since everyone is busy working earning morning till late night.

Some of the highlights from the trip are captured in pictures:

china town

Hard Rock Hotel

Marina Bay

Ice Cream time with my cousin :)

Silosso Beach Resort, Sentosa

"LO HEI" a chinese tradition to start with Good Luck and chase away the bad luck. Lunch at the CBD with Glenn and Hazel during their office break.

Walking around Clarke Quay with Uncle Leong and Aunty Jane

"One Moment, One World" at Sentosa Resorts World by the escalator
Universal Studio, Sentosa

Sci Fi World at Universal Studios

EGYPT at Universal Studios

Watching Dancers at the Dinner at HOLLYWOOD, Universal Studios

Frankenstein got my Husband hypnotized and he gave was being pulled away while I was trying my best to save him

Jelly Fish at S.E Aquarium

Farewell Party at Changi Airport, Singapore