Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It will Rain -II

Sleepless warm nights on a cold winter day
No such music playing in the background
The walls have no ears to whisper
And soon I feel like I'll lose it all
Running again this time far from myself
I'm the lost soul swimming in a fish bowl
Not knowing how I even got here or how it might even end
Just living the moment now with no such regrets...

Surreal feelings of tiny tingles never before
A thirst for this gentle hunger
I'm the prisoner of my own soul
And the keeper of these emotions
Mistakes upon mistakes made
Life. timing. being in certain places
We make our own choices and create our own paths
So I went ahead of myself and lost slight track of reality
A familiar space with no boundaries

Often I feel the need to slow down and disappear
Then I realize that everything awaits me here
Colors reflecting from the crescent moon
Silhouette of warm bodies in the dark shadows
Nothing else but the warmth mattered
And somehow the rain knew me better than I thought
Got me cuddled deep in my bed listening to the drops falling in silence
Until I fell asleep...

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