Sunday, 30 August 2015

Monday Blues~

Stuffy nose, head thumping
Shortness of breath, eyes closing
Temperatures increasing, tongue burning
Concentration losing, eyes watering
Feeling weak, bones aching
Double eye lids, sensitive eyes
Runny nose, no tissue

Small problems, big issues when you have a cold

Monday, 17 August 2015

Eyes never closing *_*

1 shot, 2 shot, 3 drink right
A feeling of complete Happiness and giggles
The warmth in such good hugs
Took me from a short walk to this enchanting neverland

Charmingly dressed in black
Swayed by the right kinda of mood
I stood out from the maddening crowd
A friday night of an unexpected encounter

With high speed road chase and comfort
Time wasn't of the essence even though the clock ticked slow
Without any second thoughts
It was definitely in the NOW

Blurry windows and heated spaces
The chill breeze was most deserving
Full bladder and headlights beaming
It was the most honest saturday morning

Intentions of clarity and perfect manners
Warmth of the heart was overwhelming
Was this the happiness I was yearning for?
Or merely a dream I was chasing out to?

If only everything that happened had a reason to it
A reason that would answer to this action
The circumstances I am braved to face
Would it only deconstruct what is being built

The state of consciousness was not the best ability to rationalize
The net I swung upon myself has no casualities but myself alone
A fight alone I was battling with myself
To kiss and go beyond this consciousness

That very night I dreamt again
Of a road to a cottage through the woods
Faces I recognized and shamelessly accepted
But would I see this face again?

Monday, 3 August 2015

Weekend Cleanse

Waking up and feeling a need of change in my thoughts and actions I headed up to the mountain~ The mountain of solace and solitude. The mountain where I went to seek refuge of positivity! The mountain where I practiced exhaling out all that was troubling me and inhaled all the positive energy. I trained my mind to think nothing more but to see the best in everything including people! I constantly reminded myself that negative people and negative attitude will not affect me anymore so I chose to step away but sometimes I find myself too weak in the heart. I guess this is what being human means.

I try to infuse my life with meaningful actions that make me happy and I believe that if I am happy, I can make others around me happy too. Usually I don't wait for things to happen but rather I make things happen as this is my now, my future so I make my own hope and don't wait for it to come to me. Dont get me wrong But I do believe in fate and what destiny may hold for me. 

So I walked along this path, a path led by butterflies in hope for this small change within. I spent some time observing the impermanence of life as the wind blew through the prayer flags. I stood at the edge of the cliff watching the stillness that stood below me.

Every single person that I meet, is somehow meant to be met for a reason (who knows what the reason may be) but I surely believe that Everything Happens for a Reason...~