Monday, 29 April 2013

Headaches and Nausea

It's easy to hold on to problems
The hard part of it is letting go
The trouble is that some problems are not that easy to resolve.
Its tough when its appears from different direction...

Most things don't make a difference
Until you wish to see the changes
Beyond this doubt there is a certain truth 
success after failure and discouragement
with no thought nor expectation

Impermanence: that's the way I see it
Life does goes on
and you leave the old memories behind
to create new ones
Brand new insights and details

You are responsible for your life
So you must do your best
Every moment
Venture for new opportunities 
Sail unto the last glimpse of the twilight

Don't stop giving as it never ends
It's a cycle with abundant rewards
Discover yourself
Discover others
For remember, fear exists only in the mind...

Friday, 26 April 2013

The Path

There is no such thing as a bend in the road
When the direction is set for you.
Do you see the clouds disappear?
Have you felt the touch upon your face?
It's quiet simple actually...

You just follow the right path
Embrace the journey
But who's to say what is the right path?
The last clouds linger behind
As dawn breaks upon the valley slowly...

Where did the cloudless face last reveal?
Upon the vast opening of the skies?
Or beyond the high reflections of the sun
Touching upon your statue
Illuminating the luster of gold...

Fate is such that we bestow upon ourselves
Nor do the stars grant us the direction
Death follows as quickly as life unfolds
Is such transgression necessary?

Eyes upon the soul
The feet meet the road
Family that once belonged
Shattered by jealousy and greed
Is this humanity at its lowest?

Thursday, 18 April 2013


They say death is Inevitable.
And so it is true...
With each death it's suppose to get easier but every time its harder than the first...
How do we remember the last memories?
What do you exactly say now?
Clouds darken at the sight of the faces
Eyes looking down to the ground
This is no fixed journey
Only of those few memories made.
A young star is now vanished from the sky
Coveted by darkness
A new world will he soon embrace
Of the unknown
And strangers will he meet
To which he will have a tale to tell...
May his soul rest in peace
May his memories be cherished
May his family be consoled
And may his life now be celebrated...
R.I.P Acho Zillon (18.04.2013)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Debate

Confused and lost
I listen to their conversations
Words and whispers of the unknown
Familiar and yet sounding strange
Signs and facts

Changes from one leaf to another
Fading colors of spring into autumn
Still as the cold summer night
I cuddle myself alone to bed
Sniffing the dark cocoa aroma

Hypocrisy and disbelief
The cards speak the truth
The path that cannot be diverged
Nor consumed by one
I only know what they not speak

Time is stuck as we move on
The steaming of the tea
And the creaminess of the pie
Shivering thoughts of obesity
As I wait for tomorrow...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

*Such is Life*

The early morning brought upon some cold breeze
As the valley was enveloped slightly under a mysterious mist.
The pine trees stood their grounds tall
while the colorless needles lay still on the ground
Everything seemed dead and gloomy
Until the Sun came out...

There underneath the sheets of white
a slight snore was gently heard
Time seemed to run this time
I tried to grasp but it slipped away
Old moments slowly becoming reminisces

Words blurring out on paper
As ink slowly runs dry
The prayer flags fluttered wildly
Dancing to the tunes of my music

Tears welled up in the eyes
Not because of what happened but
Because she simply decided to be happy again...