Thursday, 24 April 2014

Denying Truth

A strong wind swallowed us up in the air
swirling high, feet above the ground
I try to reach out to you but I was numb
All I could feel was the sudden climb...

As I opened my eyes
to a blurry silhouette
staring straight at me
A dark 2 am it was
I hid under the blanket

Lights switched on
Everything about me was shiver
Sweaty palms and feet
I was afraid to close my eyes

Vivid images from words
I look beside me for comfort
everything was still and unmoved
Tears swell, heart was pacing
I breathe for air

"It's all in the mind, there is no one, easy"
He said to me as if he knew it
I couldn't close my eyes
So waited for minutes to pass by
For dawn would break eventually
And then everything would be okay...

There is a truth to it:
"When we sleep we let lose our souls to wander"
We are incapable of this very control
over our minds and our body
lifeless we remain
to the truth beyond us...

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Universe and Me

This feeling...
The emptiness of a whole solitude
Heart falling in a matter of seconds
Suddenly trapped in a powerful wave
Moments disappear into this disease
Slowly eating every part of the body!

Simple things complicating life
The seed of love falters away
Truth buried deep within the sands
Life is beautiful for my own good.

The full moon and it's gravitational pull
I let it serenade me
weaving my thoughts together
unfinished and unraveled
It all collapsed helplessly.

Love is a wildfire
It burns so quickly
making darkness an unsung melody
refusing to applaud
The voice my tragedy
Ruining everything I love,

How do I  Love?...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

First Week of April 2014

Earlier in March I didn't bother much to even wake up in the morning to go for my daily jog/walk/run as it was super cold still. But with April, I thought the morning would have warmed up more but in vain the cold pierced through my ears the first day, froze my hands all the way up and back down but with the week passing by it got better. I started the day at 6:30 so the sun was kind enough to warm me up and with slight jogging and running my body got warmer. The past few days I have been going to Sangaygang and it is not so bad at all. The first lap up to the Takin is the hardest especially for beginners as it hits the calves and shin of the leg but after that the slope is rather gradual and easy. Till you reach up to you just enjoy the view and keep walking.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from this week i've captured while walking to Sangaygang from my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4).

View of Thimphu City from Sangaygang, Motithang
Bend with Snow capped Mountains of Phajoding

My first glimpse of the snowy mountains in April

Morning Dawn

Motithang and the Minister's Enclave

The Enchanting Forests

View from one of the pit stops during my morning jogs