Sunday, 24 February 2013


In moments of breakdown
You've led me to a breakthrough
With glowing happiness
constantly surrounding me
A blessing in disguise           
A saviour
Redemption is near
Far sighted into the future
For the sun shone brightly
And so did my heart...

You gave me a reason,
Reason that my heart didn't expect
The twist of tales
And the bend in the road     
That led me towards you...

Funny how it all turns out
Everything happens for a reason
Stories to tell down memory lane     
From endless laughters  and
Songs of Village ginger,  
2am calls for water
Stubborness and a crazy Friday night
My adventures with you
Has just begun!!!   

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


As the last glimmer
from the candle ignited
A new flame started burning

This time it felt different
The flames were like no other
Something completely out of the blue
That took me on by surprise...

It came like a flash of lightning
Fading away the darkness
And illuminating the cold heart
for it too suffered a long journey...

We are in constant search for love,
Wondering when he or she would come
I finally found a reason
A reason to be happy again
and this time it It's with you!!!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Try me

The road is set clear
burnt pictures and erased memories
Y.O.L.O: You Only Live Once
No second timers and set backs

I let go and hope seemed shattered
Into little pieces just like a puzzle
Waiting to be linked to another piece
And little did I know of its challenges

The conscious and the clarity of individuals are stuck
leaving no time for any errors
and yet I seem to have fallen
to prove of such loyalty...

Monday, 4 February 2013

Dwelling in Possibility

The world is in a rat race
and I am on a Camel
walking slowly, patiently and thoughtfully
getting view of what's happening below...

Sand dunes, dancing with winds

Sleeplessly trying to erase the winds of time
while at the same time picking up pieces
that were left hanging to dry
A strong satirical bond...

Pick wisely:
Dont let the wet one slip with the dry ones.

I chose to stand up and will in a different direction
Where I am a stranger in a strange land
New set of thoughts can't bind me to the land
I carry the old set of fragrance and my favourite shawl
to secure me
However, it is not enough...

Be Weary of the cunning travellers

Their eyes show otherwise

Travellers are good at stealing hearts
and everything else along with it too
But worry not for my heart is in the right place
Cannot be stolen nor borrowed
Only given...

My Kaleidescopic Heart

I was already slowly losing you
and I don't want to lose you anymore than I already have...

Everyday I think about it
and I wonder if this was the actually a breakthrough needed!

Accept my own feelings without any guilt
Where is the protection and the security to keep me safe...
Can You try to make me a better person?
But I can't make you happy unless I am.

You question my life and my beliefs
but you're not there anymore!

They say that the best hiding places
Of ones feelings is where you cant find it
Easy to say and hard to do...

You can never lose what you never had and
You can never gain what you'll never have...