Monday, 30 January 2017

Unbreakable Bonds~

I still get amazed at how things unfold
The people we are suppose to meet
and how they come at certain points in our life
Even the people we distantly grow apart
The timing of their departure
comes at another terminal marked "Arrival"

Somehow it all makes sense now...

People usually come into my life
To bring and add a positive change
Where I learn from them and they help me grow
If I let them
And equally I help them somehow in return

An unbreakable bond is created
So no matter when or where I might be
I know that these people will always remain in my life...

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Encounter with an old cow herder~

Places take you to people and each person you meet has their own unique story... 

This is my journey, my story:

I stumbled upon this old man who goes through the RBA Football ground everyday with his red jacket and his cows. I noticed how every afternoon around 2:00 pm he goes from his house towards the forested area and returns around 4:00 pm. So one day I stopped him and asked him a few questions. He told me he and his wife look after cows for this man and they get to sell the milk and cheese from it to earn their livelihood. When asked if he had any children he told me he has one daughter who did a diploma course at the local Engineering College and is currently unemployed. He told me he had 2 sons from his previous marriage but both passed away. He spoke to me in Sharchop and in broken Dzongkha to which i gleefully asked more questions using the few sharchop phrases i knew and took pictures with him. After a short conversation we bid farewell in hopes to meet again the next day but I had forgotten to ask him his name....Perhaps tomorrow I will ask his name!

RBA, Dewathang, January 2017

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year, Old Thoughts~

It's crazy how people come and people go
Like a lightning flash seen only briefly
You notice it but it's not there
Like false promises and plans made for two
Accelerated speed of happy days
Then no good in our Goodbyes...

Nothing can turn back time
Trust me I've tried everything
I'll only remember those salty tears I cried
And I still don't understand why
But I guess people never change
They just put on a facade to tease you.

My mama was always right when she said:
"Leopards never change their spots"
I thought we were 'different'
I thought we were 'It'
I never thought you would slip away
time and again...

I was afraid to let go
But I needed this change
since I was causing you more grief and pain
I didn't want things to turn out this way
But you needed a happy ending most of all
You shut down your emotions
and trampled upon the same path you use to walk upon...

Thus I had no choice but to wipe my own eyes!