Friday, 29 July 2011

As the smoke started to rise,
The men started singing their mourning psalm
While all sat there teary eyed:
family and relatives gathered close by
as i watched his body burn along
with the silk scarves that were offered.

This is how Agay Zimpon Kado was Cremated (25th July 2011)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Gave you Everything~

Tonight i sleep heart broken as i face truth in the face
and all that was left within me was nothing but tears
Jealousy is truly a vice i've realized
Is this how i want to be happy
or how i am to be reminded what relationship is all about?
whatever happened to chivalry?
is it really dead?

He says he is giving his all but its the s.s.d.d.
can i bear all the pain i feel and all the questions of why and how..
It's harder to smile when it is what it is...
i've made mistakes subconsciously but it was an honest mistake,
I never liked him the way you liked her...

its harder to accept when you look at her with the twinkle in your eye
and then all i get is ignorance...
they say its bliss but i'm not much of a believer~
i deserve to be the twinkle in your eyes
and not just the second best ...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

You are what You Wear~

In the midst of Fashion Couture
Beauty takes a stroll...
From Pink Runways to Sassy Street Chics
the fits to flares in the making...

Welcome to Fall 2011~

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Time check~

Lately i've been neglecting my watch that's all torn and worn out into the cupboard and is in search for a new replacement... With my Iphone around i've often not really felt the need to check time on my wrist but today i've ordered a new Marc Jacobs Watch and i hope they have it...

Basketball Tournament

Monday, 4 July 2011



1. The dullness of the Moon
    Brings calmness to the night
    And Yet i walk alone....

2. The chaotic eclipse of life
    Tapping of the certain finger
    Low Voices whisper patiently...

3. Unsure of whats coming next
    The empty stomach refuses food
    And the Rain continues to pour heavily...

4.  Sitting at home
     Contemplating and questioning feelings
     I am only Human...

5.  Stupid acts of delinquency
     Is it amnesia or Alzheimer's kicking in?
     The stars continue to shine...

6.    Gas and Burping continues
       The blanket seems cold as ice,
       Yet i'm dreaming of winning...
In Bhutan the phallus is an integral part of ceremonies observed by communities, commonly used to ward off evil spirits and counter evil.
But contrary to the popular perception, the phallus has a world of meaning beyond its obvious symbolism to ward off evil influences. “The phallus is nothing but an artistic folk device by which human beings confront the issue of male ego,” For example the phallus hung from the eaves have a dagger tied to the phallus representing two opposite impulses. “The phallus stands for an illusion and the dagger represents wisdom whereby the two negate each other leading to the sublimation of the human mind,” he said. “In Bhutanese belief the phallus rather represents a worldly illusion of desires.”“In plain terms it is an attempt to do away with the male ego since the phallus in its warped form reminds of problems of male ego.”