Friday, 8 September 2017

Ocean of Tears

Heartache after Heartache
Sleepless nights
I am now numb...

Constantly consumed in lies
reached to the brim
forgive but don't forget!

I can be stupid!
I can sometimes be over foolish too!
I wont allow anyone to get close now...

You made me build walls where there were none
You meant everything to me
But now you're gone...

I cry less each time I get hurt
The pain is only temporary
and I continue to love you less...

You have watched me drown
In my ocean of tears
beneath the lies you placed...

You were everything I needed
But now no more...

I need to protect myself now
Love myself
Make me a priority!

I will miss you
But this hurt will be gone
and I will move on...

erase the scars with the strength
I will find to face~