Saturday, 21 November 2015

Post Autumn Glum~

Usually when I need to hear the silence
I'm left with this shrilling laughter inside
The note of sarcasm constantly on repeat
No words spoken but the heart feels everything...

Weary eyes pulling me down
Hopeless in every way I chose to see
This mask I put on shall soon come to fade
No words spoken but only voices in the background...

How many seasons can one flower bloom?
It eventually withers away but is reborn again,
Can a rose without a thorn be called a rose?
No words spoken but only uncomfortable situations...

I find the entire universe spinning tonight
Inside this tired silent head
The equilibrium and partial of life harshly questioned
With nothing much planned it all started...

A feeling of emptiness but not loneliness
Motivation at its peak for only self love
Smell of cold coffee and a rotten pear
dreams of wanderlust is all I have...