Sunday, 18 January 2015

Final Call

Guided by a beating heart
Unknown of where this road may take me
I'm not growing any younger
Didn't know I was lost
Until I found myself at the crossroads

This wanderlust takes me further south
Another day of wasted wishful thinking
Places to conquer, this darkness to beat
Where else can I go?
All these roads lead me to nowhere

Love consumes me
It drains me of energy and thoughts
It aches my bones and digs through the veins
It rips me apart of all I've held together
It finally numbs my senses as cold as ice

Vivid dreams continue to haunt
Confuses and turns over this reality
Familiar faces stopping this beating heart
Sweaty palms and heavy breathing
For once I knew I was dreaming alright

Friday, 9 January 2015

Grateful Start

In this stillness my silence speaks
The beats of some old music
Alone, singing to myself
The echo in my voice so deep
This was just the beginning.

Your stare so sharp
It frightens my confidence
As though it were trivial
and shakes my vocal chords
into oblivion.

This quest in search for reason
Reasons that even this heart doesn't know
For I am the sole maker
of this road to destiny
And I'm blessed for everyone I meet.

I have yet to achieve
These are the days
living with no regrets or worries
Always looking up on the brightside
grasping life and what it has to offer.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


In this directed path we are born
to take on a mighty flight
Destined for greatness to make a difference
Fight to be stronger.

The willpower vested within
emerges more than ever
As this New Year approaches
Changes will you see
And better will I be.

A journey of plentiful destinations
This urge to travel
For I have no money now
But when I do, 
I will give alms first.

Small changes will I make
Starting with my own life first
Old habits have I none to break
But to remain kind and detached
And to take this path on for long.