Tuesday, 5 April 2016

It takes Two

One of the hardest thing to do in the world is....
to convince the mind the doings of our hearts 
and trying to explain to one another why the other exists!!
--R.M Drake

Truth be told I couldn't agree more with the above quote...

The wind blew an extraordinary breeze through me all week
It spoke out boldly like the vibrant colors of untouched emotions
Strangest feelings throughout my body
Every touch sent shivers through every possible nerve
But it was warm, cuddly and most of all I felt safe..

I've always believed that people never change
But these weary eyes tell no lies...

A heavy look of sudden emotions that lay empty within
A love lost-
An old friendship rekindled
Musically inclined in every angle
An aspiring artist with a unique perspective
Fighting for a cause
To make a difference in people's lives.

Stolen moments, will it ever be enough?
unable to be true to myself in a strange new city

Words need not be spoken
As your eyes told me everything
The war in the mind never wants to be won
The disputes between the "What If'" and the "If I had's "
Captured beyond naivety over and over again...

Living in the moment that caught my heart unexpectedly
That smile, that eyes mesmerized my vision
The softness of the entire motion riding forth like waves
The chaos of the unstill mind lay calm
As the night moved to dawn

Naked and exposed I lay with all my flaws visible
It was quiet for a change at the hour
Smoke buds, empty beer bottles and the taste of morning
An antique door stuck to the wall with nowhere to go
enclosed in one's comfort zone of creativity
Did time stop all these opportunities?

A subtle hint to life perhaps
But the twinkle in your eyes never faded...