Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Work Space

There are millions of reasons why the heart wants what it wants
and often one shouldn't be thinking out loud
Life has never been this good to me
With infinite possibilities of experiences
But with it comes disappointments.

Is this what they call happiness?
For it is rather an unusual gift
That opens like a Pandoras box
I've come to accept it as it is
And live life knowing "come what may"

Endless possibilities 
Fluttering in the clear blue sky
Staring at the same object every single day
I take a deep breath and ponder 
Tugging at this anchor keeping me grounded!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Crowded Spaces

It's true now when I've heard people say
"Home is where the heart is..."
I've definitely embraced this
And learnt to appreciate what I have.
Blessed to be born in a country:
Where Population doesn't exceed land space
Where purity of air comes naturally
Where no conflict occurs over race or religion.
Having lived almost 13 years
The most crucial years of my life in India
I've missed out on family and friends, traditions and nd festivities
But I've gained much.
Closed spaces with tight pathways. 
Navigation was at its worst
Tis the season of green and red
For even Santa was busy taking selfies.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Are you teaching me patience?
A virtue I'm yet to fully achieve
Like an artist on a canvas
Painting beautifully in black and white.
The waiting game is never over
Anywhere, Everywhere
Constantly i'm holding on
This independence I was taught.
Fragile hands
Weary eyes
Unfriendly faces
Is anyone hospitable?
Culture rich with history
Landscapes stretching out into all directions
India is and will always be India
For I must now search within me and explore. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sky Line

The blue horizon
Spread over the blanket of clouds
Mountain ridges of white snow
and all I can think about was you!
Fading ranges below
Words overwhelmed in blue
The faint heart needn't travel
As nothing seems constant.
Thoughts running faster than speed
Slow turns slowing it down
A full belly with no vitamins
But I still thought of you!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Sky Fall

How often have you felt that you're climbing right to the top only to fall back down to the bottom?

How often have you reached towards your goal only to be crushed at the very end?

How often have you felt that extreme high only to last a few seconds?

How often have you listened to one song on repeat only to not know the lyrics?

How often have you know a place so well only to find out it was De-Ja Vu?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sparks Fly

On a cold wintry December night
exploring the red city lights,
I saw fire within you
and the sparks immediately flew.

A long winding road ahead
'Thinking out loud' with Ed Sheeran
This was not a temptation
But rather, I chose to be here.

So when you're gone tomorrow
Memories will I hold on to,
So kiss me gently
Under this thick blanketed sky.

With no second thoughts I gave it a try
You took the first step and I followed
Cold hands or cold ears it didn't matter
I was with you and you were with me!

Sitting between the stone block
Admiring the starless night
Minutes had turned into hours,
And then in that moment we were one.

Soft touch and tingling sensation
I looked at you and you at me
Gentle and honest were your eyes
And I never wanted to leave...