Tuesday, 1 March 2016


It's funny this thing called love..

I thought I was in love with this young man once only to have my heart shattered into a million pieces. But I knew that wasn't the end of the world as I saw the light at the end of the tunnel burning brighter as I got closer...

In a world where everything was black and grey,
A freshly picked red rose was placed on the cold wet stone pavement under the bridge...

Was it placed there for me to 'find' it?
Should I pick it up because it's beautiful?
Pondering thoughts of such uncertainity scared me...

In a big world where problems were tiny
I was there standing alone but not lonely
23 years old frightened by my own choices
Sitting, waiting and wishing...

Without holding back I picked up the rose and walked away from this darkness inside my heart towards the light at the end of the tubnel knowing it was going to be okay

Familiar digits now forgotten
Faces and memories I barely can recollect
Everything about the past seems to remain uncollected and defeated

Then comes along moments you don't have control over
It takes over when you least expect it
And that becomes the thought that occupies erasing away all the unfiltered mental blocks

Soon these will be faded memories of love once lost
Hearts once broken and faces once seen
Strangers yet again unleashed into the "populated" crowd of new beginnings leaving it up to chance and fate to rediscover

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