Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Big city Downpour

Moments passed like the heavy downpour of the city rain
Emotions continue to run deep
I stood there in silence not knowing what tomorrow may bring
For I knew time was my only nemesis...

Restless and continued pondering
Everything else seemed to be racing against me
Words choking up my existence
Feelings upon feelings

Am I bound by this fate?
Is there an escape from this facade?
How many times before I actually break?
As hard as I try to stay dettached
It slowly kills me from inside...

Heavy hearted I search for meaningless answers
Far beyond my reach
Enough words exchanged
No stones left unturned
Purpose questioned!

My body is a vessel
My heart is the carrier
The direction I set to sail
Unpredictable emotions
Heavy thunder storms
The ship is forever stuck in its path
unable to reach the destination...

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