Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Safety 106

Dear Blog,

I wake up every morning thinking and telling myself that today is going to be a good day and nothing is going to try and stop me but then somewhere along these lines as much as I try, I fail to start the day in the way as I hoped it would.
Firstly, in the morning driving to work always seems to be challenge for me because it not only tests my patience of the crazy drivers out there but also how I cope with while I am driving at the same time. In the last year, after I got my license and started to drive, I’ve come across various types of drivers:
1.       Those who drive without giving any signals
2.       Those who stop immediately without any prior warning
3.       Those who pull over on the main road last minute
4.       Those who talk on the mobile and drive with one hand
5.       Those who go at 20kmph
6.       Those who open the door to spit out doma
7.       Those who stop to drop passengers blocking the road
8.       Those who turn in the middle of the road
9.       Those who drive through no entry zone
10.   Those who are washing their office car in the middle of the road

I could go on and on with my list of annoying drivers I meet every day on my way to work. I’ve almost had an accident about 3 times , for instance first time I was on the roundabout and a car was coming from the right side, he did give any signal to go right so I carried on and all of a sudden he came straight turning towards my direction where I stopped immediately shouting from the window “where is your signal?” and he just took out his tongue out of embarrassment. The second time I was going home towards motithang, after crossed the double turning a woman was coming out of her house gate and came straight on the main road instead of waiting for me to pass first and then entering the main road. The third time, it was at night when I was coming up Changangkha road where a mini van threw me off to the rough road as he was coming at a high speed that too downhill and  taking up 80 percent of the road. Luckily, on all these instances my reflexes were pretty quick to swerve off the road to a safer side.

Not to sound bias or critical but I’ve noticed that most of the time Taxi drivers are labelled as very reckless drivers. I’ve not only seen but experiences as well, they not only endanger their own lives but others at the same time. Oh! I wish RSTA or the Traffic Police would do something about these growing number of scary drivers in Bhutan...

Monday, 19 May 2014

Thin Red Line

The burning red line from behind the clouds
Brightened up the entire blue sky
It was already evening as they drove in silence
With a familiar song playing melodiously in the back
She tapped her feet to the rhythm

“How strange” she thought!
She felt alone sitting right beside him
No conversation, every word misunderstood
The silence meant nothing
But it brought a bigger hole in the heart

Hours later
Sudden laughter hid the remorse
Words were slowly exchanged

And this was all over
As night slowly crept in...

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Beautiful Dream

Finding nothingness in this search
I quench for the last sip
are things meant to be this way?
To what I clenched tight
Blurry and merely illusions
As reality kick in
Clocks start ticking
For I am Wide awake

In times of hazy judgement 
One can see the light
But not the way...
Dreams are but forseen future..
For night and day are logical thoughts
Sleep comes when the minds hazy...

Hazy minds need no distraction
For they see a different kind of light
Logical thoughts too seem to fade
As daylight distinguishes from the night
Sleep is for the old man
who has lived many years to see
For I am only a budding flower
A flower when spring finally wakes

The seasons are strange
Life some offers yet death comes after,
Budding flowers bloom in plenty
Fragrance enchants the air
Yet hail of shower stones the elegant
Flowers by plenty and the air filled with rot...
Be weary of the seasons
They change like the clouds dark yet heavenly...

Banish Fear and Ignorance
For the tide has hit the shores tonight
Welcome the unwelcoming
Release the mental thoughts
As stars dim underneath these clouds
Even silence is slowly swallowed
One moment after another
Dark and Husky shadows of light
As the flames from the candle dies...

Fear is for the brave as ignorance for the wise
Both shapes a soul
the tides are ashore and many to come in haste
For the tides need no gesture of welcome 
Nor did it ever know silence like the calm stars
The flames may die but the ashes will remain 
Embedded in the sands of shore
and the tales of flame the tides shall carry
a hope of silence for these restless tides...

Such like the tales of sorrow briefly washed along the sea
No permanence will it ever know
As fishes do not live to see
No glory in death not glory in living
The colorful canvas paints itself red
In tales of woe yet to be told...

Such is the joyous tragedy of life
the birds sing to the funeral
the dogs bark to the shadows
the breeze blows through a fire
the truth no one knows
if the fishes could speak and the sun could rest
impermanence would just be another lie...

If lies could be told
the rays of heaven speak blasphemy
As sen seek the truth and life does forsee the hidden path
Fire only replays the role left to burn
"As ashes to ashes
Dust to dust"
The golden words remain to b spoken
As winds carry the last sound from the dying conch
Through it be a message of hope...

How far does thee seek?
The realm hidden beneath all beauty
For the fulfillment of the bread when eaten
To the staleness of the yeast untouched
Everything else whispers silence
When truth seems to break and heal
Ans the winds of change come in...

I seek no truth to life
I seek no fountain of happiness
For the lead dried and decay
the winds carry me and the ponds embrace me in circle
I seek not the way nor the path
I remain covered with dirt
For a day will come
When the path find me...