Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Every Time a bit more

Dragon flies fluttering around in chaos
As the rain drops started to pour heavy
The tiny white flowers fell like a blanket of snow
Covering the cemented pavement
Illuminating this path even clearer...

I know this isn't my Happy Ending
I know this isn't my Cinderella Story
I know this isn't my Safe Haven either
But I know that this can be my Happiness
A feeling newly created
At least while living in the now I know!

Can people change?
Whether it's for themselves or for the people they love?
We stopped being ourselves more than a year ago
There was no signs of growth

Somethings you just can't fake
like the feelings we get
While we watch our days turn into weeks and months
and soon it's been a year already
Then even goodbyes doesn't seem so sad after all...

There will be a place for everything
and that includes finding the right kinda feelings too
Not everyone will be there to support
but nothing seems surprise me anymore...