Thursday, 24 December 2015

Gifts of The Holidays

Certain people come back into our lives
Each one bringing a special gift
A gift that touched the soft hearted heart
Drowning me with their elixir for the moment

One person brought me back the gift of time
The hours to the gentle reminder of stolen memories
Which were left abandoned and misunderstood
Distance was the enemy!

Another person brought me back the gift of compassion
The poetic words to the gentle reminder of simple life
Memories trapped in a jar of unknown content
Translucent but not free
He was the enemy

The third brought me the gift of respect
The starry full moon to the gentle reminder of simply being enough
I had to live my life following my dream
Forgetting and leaving behind the past
Youth was the enemy!

Finally, this person who came last brought me the gift of reality
Short lived moments to the gentle reminder of terrible miscommunication
Silent nights of tired mind, soul and the body
Questioning the decisions made
Technology was the enemy!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

It Will Rain~

It's funny how some events spark to be
Whether a slight argument or an eternal flame
The rays touch the deepest corners of the darkest soul
Slight heartbeats in the warmth of the moment
All rekindled but in a different place and time...

A lost path with bizarre connections
No clarity of such plans in the neighbourhood
A familiar old lock turning clockwise
Unlocking untold secrets of the past
Bearer of these held nothing but only gave in to the unveiling of this new statue...
I saw a shooting star tonight
And it led me completely in a new direction
My inner instincts guided my soul away from the mist that illuminated the lights within
A semi serendipity many years later  
An old but not forgotten memory that I deftly unfolded
I was the same person with the same flaws

Revived and confused if I was still in real time
I looked out of my window and saw the crescent moon
I was living the moment and let time slip away
It did rain briefly this evening
and somehow it seems that it will continue to rain...