Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Anniversary!

There was a man who swept me off my feet the moment I met him. It was definitely love at first sight, I fell straight for his personality, charm, charisma and the gentleman he was. The aura I felt when I was with him was unbelievable which made me doubt initially if this was too good to be true. But these doubts dissolved as that was just who he was and I was definitely lucky to have met him that one cold winter day...

When I met you, I knew immediately that you were the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and today I'm living that. Love often makes people do dumb and stupid things. It makes people vulnerable, make bad decisions and end up falling for the wrong person. You lose control of yourself and your clear thinking and I was afraid of all that at first. But when you came into my life, you made every step easier each time. I became a better person. You made it so much easier for me to let go of all that still haunted me.

Thank you for teaching me that there are good things that exists in this world and you've shown me that these good things can happen not only to everybody but to me as well. You've opened my heart again to feel the 'good' love and broadened my mind to see the good in others. I've learnt from you that it is okay to let go and do the things that I love if it makes me happy. I've learnt to be patient and appreciate you more for all that you do for me and everyone else. I've learnt to accept that your job requires you to work around the clock at odd days and hours of the week. Moreover, I still haven't learnt quite yet to sleep without you beside me when you're off  for several days on duty (Haha it's true).

Because of you I believe in love more than ever and sometimes when things unfold unexpectedly I'm optimistic that it is just for the moment because I know that loving you and being loved by you conquers all these minor obstacles. I'm happy that I've let my guard down with you and you are worth everything to me.

You are my 'Person' who changed me for the better.
You are my 'Person' who is my beacon of salvation.
You are my 'Person' who taught me to believe when all was running empty.

Thank You for saving me before I lost hope in Love.
Thank You for being the man I needed in my life.
Love you to the moon and back~


  1. Happy Anniversary Namzay! I'm happy for you for finding the right one into your life! Hope you both blessed with many more years of togetherness to come! Take care and enjoy your day! :)