Monday, 27 January 2014


After long hours in the plane finally arrived in the beautiful country of Singapore where we were greeted by a family friend of Tshering Namgyal's who was a police officer as well. They booked us rooms for the entire 4 night, 5 day stay there at  SIlosso Beach Resort and then at Hard Rock Cafe at Resorts World, Sentosa. It was my first trip here and I was already in love with the country as we drove from the airport to the hotel. Everything here was clean, organized and beautiful. I loved how there was still a lot of green within the country and how everything was so well planned. I don't think they had any pollution as at night I could see a few stars lighting up the sky.

Even though it was a small country and they said you can literally drive around from one end to another in 25 minuts, I didn't really think it was that small. No, I wasn't culture shocked! Haha...

The entire stay we were looked after really well by Uncle Leong and Aunty Jane who took us around the country showing us the pretty sights as well as the tourist places. Then we also met my friend Glenn who also took time from his Attorney General's work load to give us a taste to the many different foods around.

I was glad that at least I got an entire afternoon with my cousin brother who is studying there and also got a chance to meet up with my old classmate Rishan who works there for a drink since everyone is busy working earning morning till late night.

Some of the highlights from the trip are captured in pictures:

china town

Hard Rock Hotel

Marina Bay

Ice Cream time with my cousin :)

Silosso Beach Resort, Sentosa

"LO HEI" a chinese tradition to start with Good Luck and chase away the bad luck. Lunch at the CBD with Glenn and Hazel during their office break.

Walking around Clarke Quay with Uncle Leong and Aunty Jane

"One Moment, One World" at Sentosa Resorts World by the escalator
Universal Studio, Sentosa

Sci Fi World at Universal Studios

EGYPT at Universal Studios

Watching Dancers at the Dinner at HOLLYWOOD, Universal Studios

Frankenstein got my Husband hypnotized and he gave was being pulled away while I was trying my best to save him

Jelly Fish at S.E Aquarium

Farewell Party at Changi Airport, Singapore


  1. Lucky you! Hope you have an enjoyable stay and experience in Singapore :)

  2. Thank You :) I'm trying to add more pictures from the trip. Currently I'm in Bali. Sinagpore was amazing..I loved it~