Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shiver of Doubt

Yet again, one of those days...

Timeless and recurrent
She stood still
Without any answers to her question
One foot in and the other following close behind
She didn't seem to understand what was happening.

All he said was that she would get mad.

she didn't even know her
Nor was she ready to judge her yet
His actions had already made an impression of her in her head
Whether she liked it or not
She was already seen as marked

Is that fair in life?
Judging someone without knowing them??
I certainly don't think so
And yet the story never changes.

She gets mads knowing he is not truthful
Casting doubt upon what is not there
Make belief of what was lost
Kinda hard for anyone to believe...

She once had hope that things would start fresh between them
But he always thought of her as someone who never understands him

Where is the silver linning on this cloud today?
1 year ago exactly changed their lives
And alot has happened since then

She needs to control her temper
He needs to open up to her

Sometimes she wondered why life played games with her
When everything was falling into place.
Was it a test she had to pass?

Everything happens for a reason...
Except this time round it was not happening to people around her
but it was happening to her...

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