Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sparks Fly

On a cold wintry December night
exploring the red city lights,
I saw fire within you
and the sparks immediately flew.

A long winding road ahead
'Thinking out loud' with Ed Sheeran
This was not a temptation
But rather, I chose to be here.

So when you're gone tomorrow
Memories will I hold on to,
So kiss me gently
Under this thick blanketed sky.

With no second thoughts I gave it a try
You took the first step and I followed
Cold hands or cold ears it didn't matter
I was with you and you were with me!

Sitting between the stone block
Admiring the starless night
Minutes had turned into hours,
And then in that moment we were one.

Soft touch and tingling sensation
I looked at you and you at me
Gentle and honest were your eyes
And I never wanted to leave...

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