Saturday, 27 September 2014


Beauty is undefined
Pristine and untouched
Truth holds the naked eye to the test
My roots to explore...

Distance in elevation
Seasons change sooner
Stars lighting up the sky
For tomorrow is a new day...

Breathtakingly in awe
Taking in every last air
The nomadic steppe lifestyle
Was more than just an experience

It found me and I found it
Realization,  guilt and gratitude
Rising above everything I held back
I could stand here gazing forever...

The dry yellow grass
Covered in sparkling rouge light
The sun rose and eventually the light faded
Every end called for a new beginning...

Mongolia: A trip out of the blue,
Gave me more insights
To life, People and behaviour
Than all the motivating books on my shelf...

I took this road less travelled
And it has made all the difference...

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