Thursday, 5 September 2013

Line of Duty

On 2nd September, 2013 there was slight accident in Anakha, Haa which took the lives of 11 ammunition technicians of the RBA of the bomb squad as they were trying to dispose the expired ammunition as some were from the 1960's. But then something went wrong, bombs blasted, kileed a few and a lot of soldiers injured during the incident while a few were serious and admitted to the hospital. 8 Soldiers died on the spot while 3 died at the hospital.

So this morning along with my Office staff we all went to Lungtenphu to pay our respects to the 11 soldiers who lost their lives on the line of duty.
Quite surprised to find that, there were 3 familiar faces in the families that I recognized and it was really sad in fact how young each soldiers were. One wife of a deceased soldier was in continuous mourning as we went from tent to tent paying respects while some of the children were clueless and playing around chair to chair.

We were seated in the tent, had a cup of tea and biscuits and left all together...

The funeral is to take place on Saturday 11th September at the Dhuethey in Hejo. 

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