Monday, 2 September 2013

Police 48th Raising Day

Today I was initiated as a FOP (Friends of Police) member along with 121 other members who came from various backgrounds in terms of work and age. I can't say I'm the youngest but I was definitely one of the youngest in the group...The previous day we had an entire day of orientation getting briefed on the FOP program, awareness on domestic violence, drug abuse, crime prevention, fire safety, traffic situation, introduction to disaster, community patrolling and reporting in Bhutan. It was a long day that started at 9am and ended at about 5:30 pm in the evening. 
Learnt a lot surely but at the same time lectures from each division turned out to be very lengthy and there were lots of information packed away on multiple slides.

What was the highlight for me during this entire morning's program?

For me the highlight was watching the young juvenile inmates perform from the Youth Development Rehabilitation Center (YDRC) from Tshimasham. There was something about their performance that day.
Maybe it was the fact from where they came from but more importantly I think it was different because they were so talented. The boys were dressed up as Milerapa, hip hop dancers, girls, female actors in skits, tribal dancers, etc. 

This was far far different than watching any school concerts or performances because the kids not only performed whole-heartedly but they were enjoying every performance on the program. Some of this kids were addicts, murders, rapist, etc but when they came up on the stage there was something innocent about them. One would/could never imagine the crimes and the charges they are held up for. 

If only more people knew about the YRDC and how they are helping the convicted youth with rehabilitation. I was really touched the entire show and didn't even mind that it went up for 16 performances (more than one hour).

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