Friday, 6 September 2013

Dream in a Dream★

They say it was a 'sad sad day'
True to those words uttered..

Nostalgia followed by solemn Melancholy
An ode unsung to the brave soldiers,
When did today become the Black Friday?

While the rest of the world was grieving
I waited to dream in a dream
And I did, like the previous night.

It took me to places I'd never been
And promised me endlessly...

A vague silhouette drew me closer
Blurry face with no name
But I seemed to know of him definitely.

The feelings I felt were surreal
And even though it seemed new
I knew I had made yet another memory
Which questioned my integrity.

25 is the number that leaves an impression
Like an art on a canvas my stories are told
It includes you this time
But I just haven't written out your part yet..

Young or old doesnt matter anymore
Past or the future, we're all careless
Life is all about the NOW!
And how we make of it...

How many more nights would I dream or even dare to dream??