Sunday, 2 June 2013

I voted!

Well on Wednesday i said i wouldn't vote and i almost didn't on Friday as well because the polling station didn't have my Voter Picture Identity Card which almost made me hopeless as the officials were clueless too so finally got one made in the ECB office and went to my polling station which was at Motithang Higher Secondary School. I was quite surprised that at 2 pm the hall was empty. So my sister and myself went and the officials were least bothered, didnt do any checkings so we had our mobile phones on and taking pictures. It was our first time voting and we had no idea what to expect. I guess they expected us to know but yes they were quite RUDE for jobless officials just sitting there fiddling on their phones.

My sister took a picture of me casting my vote and when I was going to take hers when i was finally told not to. The man then shouting 'no talking' at the seriousness of it all and  painted our nail with a marker pen. We  then exited the hall after a beep sound was made. There you go my vote is casted and in the evening  the results were out and PDP and DPT were the two contestants yet again for our next general elections.

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