Sunday, 11 August 2013

Thoughts at 1am

Often times I wonder how we met?
Why we met?
And out of all the people that exists
What brought the two of us together?
When we were shattered and broken...

Tonight I read an open book
Thoughts rambled like my tummy
Haywire and in all directions
Unstoppable with so many questions

I hate surprises and I hate that thought too
A Chirpy voice that sends eerie goosebumps
A Woman with no self dignity
Falter to only acting and the news

Unknown is how I choose to remain
But I know more than just a little of it all
Truth scanned in words before me
And before I even began...

Thoughts at 1 am
Insomnia as I like to call this feeling
Doubts, anger, hatred of the night
Silently triggers the hidden nerves

I know not of you
But I surely do not seem pleased of you
Thoughts cannot escape so lingers
Poisoning my mind from all I ever protected

Ignore and dont let it mould me
For any of this knowledge is dangerous
And encounters are messy
But I pick my head up and walk past it...

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