Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vote or no Vote?

Just when I was feeling cooped up away from all the Politics and the dirty business going on in the country, I've been faced with pressure to Vote?
They say one vote really makes a difference but seriously I have no idea who is even in my constituency or what each parties stand for. I may be ignorant or chosen to stay this way because it really doesn't make a difference to me.

Thinking back 5 years ago when the entire constitution was drawn and each citizen was given the right to vote, I was 20 years old and don't remember having much impact then. But with 5 years gone by with DPT as the ruling government, nothing has affected me. So I don't think even now voting for any party would make a difference because I am happily serving His Majesty the King  and i can least be bothered about complaining what the govt is doing and not doing.

If I don't vote they say I wont be able to complain but who wants to complain and about what? I don't think in the next 5 years I will find any reasons to complain against the ruling party just because of my lack of interest in politics.


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