Sunday, 3 June 2012

I AM...

I am a Gun with no Ammunition
but always ready to shoot,

I am the Feet that is bare
Always walking the extra mile,

I am the neck that has turned blue
sore from being strangled,

I am the arm that is scarred
The number of times I've cut myself,

I am the eyes that see the world
But I was born Blind,

I am the Body that is wounded,
the constant blows and battery I've received,

I am the stomach on the operation table
from the 3rd abortion and mis carriages,

I am the Lips of an Angel
that silence none when in need,

I am the faith that moved mountains
But my religion is free,

I am the camera that sees the truth
expressed in pain and reality,

I am the Music that holds meaningful lyrics
Like an art with a thousand expression,

I am the dover waiting to fly
Killed instead with no Freedom,

I am the Pen mightier than the sword
linking words together making a story,

I am the Sky above your head
unpredictable any minute,

Finally, I am the word
Braver than all words combined.

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