Sunday, 3 June 2012

If Dreams Lasted Longer :::

It stood far away,
this place I saw in my dreams,
A lowly shack built like a stilt
Reminiscing about my old days
I found myself looking through the pictures and Videos
Like flashbacks and ghosts of the present all stood around me...

However, I was visited by a familiar face I was very fond of
The gentleness of the physique
the softness of the face reminded me:
In this unfamiliar territory that i wasn't alone.
Everyone stood around gazing at him
and my smile could clearly tell that
He came here for me...

And Lo! There I was in his arms the next moment,
While only pictures of another familiar face floated around.
But that wasn't my priority tonight
All I knew was
I was safe by his side
and he was there for me...

Back rubs and our fingers slowly touched
until our palms found each other
My heart beamed if only you could see
Like a small girl seeing her crush walk towards her
Gazing together out towards the starlit skies
Butterflies were stirring up within me...

"Don't know if i could be..." the song started to play
 with loud buzzing vibrations..
Soon enough, it wasn't my dream anymore,
but my phone waking me up
for it was 6:45 pm on a saturday night!!

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