Monday, 14 May 2012

Damage Control

Silently weeping under the covers of the quilt,
Desperately Wishing To fall asleep quickly
Endlessly thoughts running through my head
Wondering when dawn would break?

Hopes crushed, false promises yet again broken
Pain caused and silences the night
While lights dim low
and i turn my face towards the paneled wall
Hoping for a better day tomorrow...

This moment is painful
All I long for is to sleep the night away
Doubts, Unrational decisions and anger did break loose
And things will never be the same again!!!

What may be said now is forgotten the next day
Un kept words that hope placed trust upon
Just as the rain washes away the muddy paths
So does time when all is in haste...

I doubt this all makes sense right now,
Happiness is impermanent And I cannot control
Neither mine nor yours
As moments hold a higher place~

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