Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wish Today Never Happened

Something cheerless about the room today
the silence is almost excruciatingly painful
Similar to a funeral home surrounded by death.

There's a small girl in the corner
Her face I could tell was in total dismal
She stood idle facing a plain white wall
Her halo turned dull
And when I saw her face
I started to cry

I could read her clearly somehow
torn between two hearts
Which wasn't hard to see
But she had lost one today
and it was tearing her apart.

My shadow moved clearly behind her
a reflection that wasn't blur
a state of confusion as I felt her pain
Her knight in shining armour had died today
the day they were to get married at the altar

Just like a ghost waiting to be heard again
He was the one who taught her how to love.
Now she was all alone
afraid and fearful of whats to come next
as without him, she was almost as dead.

Her silent tears echo back in the empty room
with a sad smile she looked at me
"There's still hope left" she said
I have enough love still in my heart
as I always see him in my dreams...

Then weeping silently I left the room
feeling melancholic and hopeless!

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