Saturday, 5 November 2011

Whistler 2011

So over the weekend i took a trip to Whistler, stayed at the Pan Pacific for a night and enjoyed some sightseeing even thought the ski lifts and the gondola's were all closed since it wasn't the season yet but it was definitely worth it from getting there when it wasnt snowing to taking pictures at the olympic rings, eating supposedly the "best ice cream in canada", then lunch at the yummy  Mongolian Grill to just walking the entire village that looked pretty huge on the map :)

Apart from that got some pictures after eons of days and weeks of not being able to get a good day to take finally tried and it seems i'm forgetting my own camera features. Even though there were not many people there at this time of the year i believe about 60,000 people occupy whistler once the ski and snowboard season opens for all.

Well one interesting feature to note on my trip there was that, i noticed bazillion Australians living in Whistler. When i asked why, one guy was pretty disappointed at how his own people have been behaving and it seems that they just come here to party and enjoy life rather than like working in his case... From starbucks servers, to icecream shop vendors, to hotel bell boy, managers to almost everyone there was australian. Apparently to them the mountains, ski, snowboard and living in a cold places appeals to them much more than their own beautiful city.

I couldnt disagree with that as when i woke up and looked outside my window, the view was spectacular and breathtaking that i couldnt stop looking. The whistler village was beautiful and surprisingly it wasn't cold for me. I seriously think something could be wrong with me as i do not feel cold like the others here. When they're freezing cold and not enjoying the weather, i'm enjoying the crispiness of the cold :)

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