Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Burning Candle: Be grateful and pray for those who are un-fortunate than you.

Some live the life which most people dream about. The lap of luxury, where everything goes right and there is neither trouble nor worry. But some live life so painfully as another day comes forth, another new fight and the struggle continues. Each day these people live towards this struggle and keep their hope hanging so that one day this would all be a dream rather than the harsh reality staring straight at their faces. They hear the screams of salvation calling from the heart with an open hand with day after day desolation but still there is no hope left for those who believe!!

There is a road which leads into these circumstances and down this road there are thousands of dreams awaiting and only opportunity can knock on the door. And this road is the one where the beggars and the choosers find their so called destiny from which they are saved in the light of faith for everyone to see.  This is when time passes by quick in the glimpse of a second and what’s left behind are the days of eternity where nothing else is left behind not even old souvenirs. For them the old statues stand still where it use to be and all one sees are the bleeding scars of humility, and hear the screams of salvation from this life calling from the heart.

It has been a long time ever since I saw such painful cries and the redemption of these people. This brings me back to the days I knew long before it even existed. The days which left me behind and went forth but now its over and it is time to vision things from a different light. Flashbacks of yesterday and faces of tomorrow still haunt me time to time and out of this desire I traveled miles high and low in search for what I have seen the world through these small eyes. For every living day I know it takes more energy out of me each time to see such suffering and discomfort to people in this world. As the candle burns I've learned one thing so far in my life to live your life but say a prayer for all that you've got and be grateful.

 And as the candle keeps burning pray for those who are less fortunate than how you have been with trust and honesty like you really meant it. Just follow your heart and swear by the ones that you love for it is a life for the taking that surrounds you which are full of liars and thieves. But it's the truth that pulls you back to reality and through all the years and the painful tears; it’s been a mountain that I must climb. And for every living day it's clear, I've turned a page in time. To live your life and say a prayer for all that you've got and be grateful for those.

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