Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jet lagged September!

Day 1
- arrived in Vancouver...
- met Imran at Gage
-Went to drop luggage at yeshey's house
-ate lunch at Japanese restaurant in village
- went to marine drive
- spoke to Ugen Lhazin
- went to SFU
-met up with Aswin, jeet, Kumseok, and crazy SFU ppl
- played top the cup game, cheated with water
- slept next morning at 4:00 am

Day 2
- swollen eyes in the morning
- ate an apple for breakfast
- skyped with shedrup :)
- was online
- cleaned my mess up for yesheys arrival
- napped

Day 3
- Pouring rain and extreme wind
- class at 10 am
- went downtown Vancouver
- paid credit card bills
- ate Thai take out for lunch/dinner
-still raining
- watched tv (gossip girl)
- slept (5pm till 1 am)
- was online (2:30-3:40)
- slept again

Then I went back to a routine with no weird sleeping patterns!!

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