Monday, 4 July 2011

In Bhutan the phallus is an integral part of ceremonies observed by communities, commonly used to ward off evil spirits and counter evil.
But contrary to the popular perception, the phallus has a world of meaning beyond its obvious symbolism to ward off evil influences. “The phallus is nothing but an artistic folk device by which human beings confront the issue of male ego,” For example the phallus hung from the eaves have a dagger tied to the phallus representing two opposite impulses. “The phallus stands for an illusion and the dagger represents wisdom whereby the two negate each other leading to the sublimation of the human mind,” he said. “In Bhutanese belief the phallus rather represents a worldly illusion of desires.”“In plain terms it is an attempt to do away with the male ego since the phallus in its warped form reminds of problems of male ego.”


  1. There are different perceptions and ideas behind a book on Traditional Architecture of Bhutan, it says that phallus is hung to ward off evils assuming evil to be feminine....

  2. Indeed....even in Hinduaism i've read that it represents the male and female 'lingam' as they call it!