Friday, 15 July 2011

Gave you Everything~

Tonight i sleep heart broken as i face truth in the face
and all that was left within me was nothing but tears
Jealousy is truly a vice i've realized
Is this how i want to be happy
or how i am to be reminded what relationship is all about?
whatever happened to chivalry?
is it really dead?

He says he is giving his all but its the s.s.d.d.
can i bear all the pain i feel and all the questions of why and how..
It's harder to smile when it is what it is...
i've made mistakes subconsciously but it was an honest mistake,
I never liked him the way you liked her...

its harder to accept when you look at her with the twinkle in your eye
and then all i get is ignorance...
they say its bliss but i'm not much of a believer~
i deserve to be the twinkle in your eyes
and not just the second best ...

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