Monday, 26 October 2015

Moonlight Beams

Had a dream last night about this place
a wide paved road leading up to a hill
silhouettes of trees often mistaken for shapes
with the bright moon beams glistening...

I found myself walking outside
along the road until it led to a dead end
the cold didn't seem to bother me nor my bare hands
for I knew I wasn't alone
even if I was talking to the moon...

Few lights across the mountain brightly lit
I looked up to the sky to see Orion's belt and the Pleiades star cluster
I stared up into the sky for a long time
However, I didn't end up seeing the shooting star!

Every bright moon has a dark side
Just as my skeleton came out from the hideout
I chose one particular heart to enclose it
For I too will be the keeper of your sagas...

They say that when you mess with love
You mess with the truth
This sudden explosion to chase shadows at night
through the starry eyes of comfort
Brought immense beauty to the moon beams...

Therefore, I chose to live in the moment of this lucid dream.


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