Tuesday, 6 October 2015


It's funny how people cross paths
I believe it all happens for a reason
Whether we met and will meet
Everything seems to be for à reason
Reasons that even the heart does not know 
But it sure makes one feel it's right
Atleast for the moment

As 12 years is no joke for estranged relationships
Not much of a writer Im guessing
But surely could listen on for hours
An old Nokia phone was all it took
And a cassette of recorded romantic songs
Letters were exchanged
Memories don't really serve me best
Walking amongst the pines with endless nervous conversations..

You accept things that you cannot change
For years have passed and life has moved on
Bringing forth something we must learn
That no matter the missing years we still remained the same
Like a comet pulled from its orbit
People come into our lives
But who can say if I've changed for the better?

And we may never met again
Would another 12 years would be a lifetime?
Whatever way our stories end
I know there is more love than hatred
More compassion and kindness
More helping hand than ignorance
And enough friendship to last a lifetime...

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