Monday, 3 August 2015

Weekend Cleanse

Waking up and feeling a need of change in my thoughts and actions I headed up to the mountain~ The mountain of solace and solitude. The mountain where I went to seek refuge of positivity! The mountain where I practiced exhaling out all that was troubling me and inhaled all the positive energy. I trained my mind to think nothing more but to see the best in everything including people! I constantly reminded myself that negative people and negative attitude will not affect me anymore so I chose to step away but sometimes I find myself too weak in the heart. I guess this is what being human means.

I try to infuse my life with meaningful actions that make me happy and I believe that if I am happy, I can make others around me happy too. Usually I don't wait for things to happen but rather I make things happen as this is my now, my future so I make my own hope and don't wait for it to come to me. Dont get me wrong But I do believe in fate and what destiny may hold for me. 

So I walked along this path, a path led by butterflies in hope for this small change within. I spent some time observing the impermanence of life as the wind blew through the prayer flags. I stood at the edge of the cliff watching the stillness that stood below me.

Every single person that I meet, is somehow meant to be met for a reason (who knows what the reason may be) but I surely believe that Everything Happens for a Reason...~ 


  1. Thank You :) You should visit Bhutan if you havent already!